Established since 1971 in Jalan Sultan, the name ‘Kam Lun Tai’ was used by Malaysia’s first Finance Minister Tun H.S.Lee when he was trading in China. ‘Kam Lun Tai’ name is now a golden brand known internationally. Being an old brand itself, “Kam Lun Tai”; had gain good reputations of their mooncakes.
This year, Kam Lun Tai releases their new mooncake series which is the theme of Moon Rabbit. As tribute to Lady Chang’e, a communication medium between Ming revolutionaries, and the cause of obesity among moon rabbits. And this year, it comes out with more than 15 products to choose from.

They are serving with the variety of choices whch includes the traditional mooncakes as well as the omochis in their selection. One of the highlights for healthy mooncakes will be their Black Sesame Bamboo Charcoal 1 yolk mooncake which comes to highlight in the year 2014. The creamy black sesame flavours, with the less sweet bamboo charcoal comes to our favorite. It is something to look for if you are planning for a traditional mooncake for the elderly.

Aside from the Black Sesame Bamboo Charcoal Mooncake 1 yolk, they also have the lotus paste mooncake, pearly jade, golden jade, crystalline lotus paste, durian paste and more. Price from RM 15.20 to RM 18.20 each for the mooncake, the price comes pretty reasonable.

Aside from the ala-carte mooncake, they do have the premium boxes mooncake available from RM 68.80 and above with the choices of premium red gift set, golden gift set, Pandora box,premium tea set, cosmetic gift set and Eight Celebration Gift Set. All nicely presented and beautiful package to welcome the mooncake festival with friends and family.

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