Fifty years is a credible measure of time to witness many evolutionary changes. Take the humble dishwasher, for one — after many upgrades in features and designs, what truly sets one brand apart from the dizzying amounts of dishwashers available today? Bosch Home Appliances, a leader in household appliances, is proud to continue the 50-year strong legacy of its dishwasher range, celebrating its commitment to quality and brilliance.

For half a century, Bosch dishwashers have been great helpers in the kitchen. They serve as glad tidings to housewives and families alike, taking on the pesky, messy and time-consuming chore of dishwashing so that more time can be spent in doing other tasks or in spending moments with friends and family. This is especially more relevant today, as consumers need to juggle time between their career, house chores, as well as in spending  quality time with their family and friends.

With recognition as Europe’s leading household appliances brand, Bosch remains dedicated in its vision to make consumers’ lives simpler with its strong emphasis on quality and longevity. Going by its tagline of “Bosch in every detail”, Bosch painstakingly gets down to the nitty-gritty in order to ensure that the brand is a step ahead of its consumers, providing them with smarter solutions for their kitchen chores, as well as their lifestyles.

“We are incredibly honored to reach the 50th anniversary mark of Bosch dishwashers, and look to base this success as an added incentive to perform even better in the future. Bosch believes it is realistic to push our expectations of success even further with this milestone, attesting to our commitment to constantly provide smarter solutions that addresses modern-day consumer lifestyles. We look forward to achieving greater heights and more significant milestones to come through innovation, quality and strive for excellence, as well as through leveraging on our company’s capabilities,” said Gary Ong, Chief Executive Officer of BSH Home Appliances Sdn. Bhd.

Bosch continues to exhibit its skill in innovation, practicality and quality in its 50th year with its current range of ActiveWater Eco dishwashers. The range offers a multitude of product features that caters to every whim, providing higher capacity with up to 14 full place settings thanks to the new, easily removable VarioDrawer. In order to make an arduous task simpler is the large item spray head, a remarkable feature which guarantees maximum hygiene through its powerful cleaning, thus successfully eliminating the need to pre-soak baking trays or oven shelves any further. Additionally, the new 3-stage Rackmatic system ensures the six foldable racks in the ActiveWater Eco range are secure and flexible in its ability to accommodate any load.

Besides delivering the basic functions of a dishwasher to best results, Bosch dishwashers bring progression up a notch by providing beyond the usual needs of a household. The Bosch ActiveWater dishwasher range demonstrates consciousness for not just user convenience but also environmental conservation through the use of zeolite minerals, enabling the dishwasher to rely on a minimal amount of energy to dry dishes effectively with great energy-efficiency. Additionally, the line of Bosch ActiveWater compact dishwashers have also been awarded the A-rating for energy efficiency, making it a more energy-friendly choice than washing-up by hand, using as little as 7 litres of water for a full load, if compared to 24 litres of washing up the same load by hand.

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary mark of its dishwashers, Bosch is offering a special promotion called the 50 Days Dishwasher Trial where customers can enjoy the benefit of testing a Bosch dishwasher for a period of 50 days, inclusive of 2 months’ supply of free Finish detergent. Full payment must be made by cash or credit card in order to be eligible for the Bosch 50 Days Dishwasher Trial and the promotion is valid from 1 August till 30 September 2014 for SMS50E82EU model of Bosch dishwashers, while stocks last. Should customers decide to opt for the 50 Days Dishwasher Trial, the price for the dishwasher will retail at RM4,488. In the event that customers are dissatisfied with their purchase during the 50 days trial period, Bosch will reimburse them with a full refund upon successful return of the Bosch dishwasher. Customers can still purchase the dishwasher outright without the 50 Days Trial promotion at the price of RM3288, inclusive of 5 months’ supply of free Finish dishwasher detergent. Participating outlets are ESH, Harvey Norman, TBM and Toong Heng stores.

Bosch looks to give consumers the opportunity to test the best with its 50 Days Dishwasher Trial and aspires to fully demonstrate how its functions cater to every detail.

Is yours as intelligent as a Bosch?

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