yakiniku ishiya
Yakiniku Ishiya; located at The Strand is just a great place for a decent Japanese BBQ dining experiences. It is just located next to the Old Town White Coffee and it is simply easy to spot them. Ishiya is proud to introduce us with the Japanese Stone House Grilled Meat which is specially brought all the way from Kyoto; the imperial capital of Japan.

Founded in the early of 90’s by Mr.Reiji Yamamoto, who wanted to preserve and enhance the flavours of traditional style of Japanese Barbeque with his unique concoction of tare (dipping sauce). In order to maintain the quality; the roasters are being imported all the way from Japan for a better experiences.
We had the BBQ Promotion where the promotion is pretty worthwhile for us where the 2 pax dining is at RM 48++ where customer can choose 3 selections up of the 5 choices which are being provided. These include the NZ Lamb Shoulder, Smoked Duck, Ika, Beef and also chicken with it. It is served with 1 green salad and 2 mini garlic fried rice. We had the beef, lamb shoulder and chicken. Well barbecued and the marination of the raw items comes awesome for all their ingridients. Barbecue-ing get more fun now where I don’t get myself soaked with the smelly barbecued smell anymore.

Talking on the food; the taste is simply good and awesome where it is well infused with the flavours in it. The meat comes tender and juicy and each mouthful just melts in the mouth. I am pampered for the night!
We also have the Salmon (RM 18) where the huge slices of fresh salmon are sinfully good. Melts in mouth, the salmon comes chewy and each bites of the salmon can let me taste how the lovely salmon is dancing within my mouth. For a kick; add some wasabi with it.
We also had the Golden Dragon Maki (RM 18) where the maki is being wrapped with the crunchy bites of the tempura prawn together with the flying fish roe. The maki is so awesome with the moist rice and the tempura comes fresh and crunchy. Loving it so much.

Besides the ala-carte dishes, if you visit them for lunch; try their Gyu Yanagawa Nabe Teishoku. Their beef slices served in the bowl of fragrant soup is as nice as it is. It’s beef slices is well done soaked in the soup and give us a chewy texture. Served together with a warm Japanese Rice and a plate of fruits.
Next, we had the Tori Pirakara Vaki Teishoku. The marinated chicken meat is as good as it is where the juicy chicken meat is stir fried with their signature sauce till perfection. The chicken is deliciously done with the tender meat with the tip-top juiciess. It is served together with the bowl of rice and soup with it.


We ended wih the Saba Steak Teishoku. The Saba Fish is being marinated with their special sauce and then is being pan fried till the skin comes pretty crispy. The sauce comes flavorful with the fresh fish temptations. Just I do not like it as there are loads of tiny bones from the Saba steak. Perhaps, I am not a Saba fish lover.

Overall; the restaurant is pretty decent and it is reasonably priced with the quality. It is different from the Korean temptations of barbecued which comes with loads of marination but the marination comes little and you can taste the flavours of the meat itself.

Yakiniku Ishiya
58G, The Strand, Jln PJU 5/22
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-6142-6363

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