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Stickhouse which is located in The Gardens at Mid Valley is indeed a great place for an ice cream temptations. The little kiosk is such a perfect place for great temptations of fresh ice cream. A pure Italian brand, Stickhouse prides itself on its traditional homemade art of making gelatos.

Stickhouse’s gelatos are made using 100% natural and genuine ingredients without added any flavouring, preservative and coloring. The colors which are at the ice cream is what the real ingridients they use and is purely by the tea/fruits or chocolate added.
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If you love to get some toppings just add them and most of it are fatt free.For each of the gelato or sorbet you chose, you have the option of coating it with dark, milk or white chocolate covering and then sprinkling it with hazelnut, almond or pistachio grains.

There are two choices either is the classic or Premium range from Stickhouse’s Gelato OR Sorbet flavours.I had the mango flavourswhich is simply refreshing and good. Add a coat of dark chocolate and some peanuts for a nice munch. Nice!

The prices are as follow:

Choices of gelato and sorbet
Classic: RM 6.90
Premium: RM 8.90
Mini: RM 4.90

Toppings (hazelnut, pistachio, or almond) & dips (dark, white, or milk chocolate)
Half: RM 1.00 additional
Full: RM 2.00 additional

Lot LG-K28,
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

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