The new Sigi’s Bar and Grill is a fun, family-style restaurant located right on Batu Feringgi beach. This casual, cosy restaurant boasts a selection of prime steaks, seafood, wood fire pizza, sandwiches, pastas and local Asian dishes. A children’s menu is also available. With the beautiful scenery to the ocean the outdoor double deck is a signature feature in Sigi’s Bar & Grill. Choose to have a romantic dining experience here in Sigi’s Restaurant & Bar.
We starter our meals with the complimentary bread with butter with it. Soft textured bread with the healthy option to go for in Sigi
Soup comes next to the table. The hearty Wild Mushroom Soup (RM 19) which is freshly made daily, with the combination of variety of mushroom soup in it. Bringing the creaminess of the soup with the extra fragrant from the mushroom itself, the mushroom soup comes very flavorful too.

The Chowder Soup (RM26) is such an inviting soup to try off. The soup which is freshly made daily , was thick and creamy and had a distinctly sweet taste making the kick of the heat that followed the charming unexpected.
And the good news is that they are not only good at their BBQ items but their signature tenderloin too. Inexpensively too. Priced at RM 99 for 180gsm Australian Black Angus steak is excellent value. The meat is perfectly cooked to order, so you can enjoy your rare, medium rare the way nature indeed. Added with the Red Wine Juice to cook along with the meat, it brings us the aromatic blend of delights to be enjoyed. As indeed it is with the choice of accompaniments. There are variety to choose for with your sides and we had the Grilled Button Mushroom and Blue cheese together with the Hand cut chips with Rosemary and Garlic’s in it. The meat is tender, succulent, melt in the mouth good. It is such agreed steak to be enjoyed here.
The baked salmon (RM65) comes on the bed of crushed new potatoes and courgette ribbons with citrus vinaigrette and served with the tomatoes and fresh vegetables with it. The fish was cooked well and citrus flavors were particularly strong. Paired with the bed of mashed potatoes, the dish was wonderfully fresh.

Sigi Bar & Grill
Batu Feringgi Beach, Pulau Pinang
+60 4-886 1911

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