Standing out with a wide pink signboard, the restaurant is pretty easy to be recognized.  Momos Seafood Steamboat is decorated with the wooden themed dining set with a choice of Thai cuisine as well as steamboat that comes together, the place is another place for some pipping hot Thai delights. We started our meals with the choices of steamboat together with their Thai Cuisine for this round.
There is 2 options for the steamboat available in Momos Seafood Steamboat where you can choose for tomyam,and plain soup. We had the plain soup and tomyam for this round.The set comes with a hearty ingrididients like chicken meat, prawns, fu chok, crab stick and choices of fish balls together. As for the soup choices, the tomyam comes pretty spicy with the kick of chilly padi in it. For the plain soup, it comes with the sweet corn blend in it.


Coming to the Thai Cuisine in Momos Seafood Steamboat, we had the White Tomyam Seafood (Chicken: RM 20 ; Seafood/Beef RM 25). The warm hearty bowl of tomyam soup is served with prawns, mushrooms, fillet of fish and squids in it. The clearsoup tomyam completes with the spiciness where you can find some chilly padi and dried chilly in it.
Lime Steam Fish (Seasonal Price) is where the fresh Siakap fish is being steamed with ginger, coriander and kaffir lime with it. The spiciness from the sauce combined had overcome the fishy taste of the fish itself. With the combination of the chilly padi as well as all the herbs into it; the fish goes well with light spiciness together with the soup.

Next; will be Deep Fried Fish with Chilly (Seasonal Price). The tilapia fish is being deep fried till crispiness and then the own made chilly paste is then being drenched into the fish. The fish is a good one though where the blend of spicness and the crispiness comes well together. It would be a perfect with a hearty bowl of rice to accompany with the fish and sauce. Finger lickering good!

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