Father’s Day is fast-approaching! The Harbourview has prepared a fabulous choice of international gourmet and programmes for you to express the most sincere thankfulness to your respectful father in this festival.

To celebrate this special day, Harbour Restaurant showcases a diversification of crab delicacies incorporating 8 kinds of fresh and seasonal crabs from all around the world on Father’s Day Dinner Buffet. Highly recommended dishes are Philippines Green Crabmeat, Avocado and Mango Salad, Steamed Egg with Dungeness Crab, Shaoxing Wine and Crab Meal, Three-spotted Crab Congee and Maryland Crab Cake. If your dad is a seafood or Japanese cuisine aficionado, Assorted Seafood Platter and Sashimi and Sushi Counter are certainly irresistible treats for him. The former serves US Oysters, French Edible Crabs, Canadian Rock Crabs, King Crab Legs and more, while the latter offers 7 selections including Scallop, Sweet Shrimp, Surf Clam and Herring on rotation basis. Other not-to-be-missed hot picks are Grill Counter serving cooked-to-order grilled food, Salad Bar and Dessert Counter. In addition to the crab dishes, an exquisite dish, Traditional Swiss Raclette Cheese is specially added to the buffet menu to tempt your father’s palate with the warm melting cheese.

Besides, one complimentary tray of jet-fresh Sea Urchin from Korea will be offered to each patron who patronizes Father’s Day Dinner Buffet on 15 June. Free flow of selected soft drinks and juice will be offered to each patron of Father’s Day Lunch Buffet on 15 June; one complimentary glass of selected house red wine or white wine will be offered to each adult during Father’s Day and Eve Dinner Buffet too.

What’s more, special programme and gifts are available on Father’s Day and Eve. All fathers will receive a piece of exquisite wine opener as a gift when patronizing lunch or dinner buffet on 15 June. “Wine Buffet” will also be served during Father’s Day and Eve Dinner Buffets, offering free flow of 2 red and 2 white wines from Chile which are awarded with Champion, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up in New World wine category in “Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong House Wine Awards 2013”. The original price of “Wine Buffet” is HK$158 per person, dinner buffet patrons can enjoy the buffet at a special price of HK$78 per person (10% service charge is applicable based on the original price). To cherish Father’s Day, guest who patronizes lunch or dinner buffet on 15 June can purchase selected wines on-the-spot at a special price of HK$140 per bottle (the original price of the wines is HK$280 per bottle) to share the fascinating taste of the wines with friends and relatives at home. Don’t miss the chance to savour the taste of life.

Last but not least, early bird offers are available for patrons who make reservation and place a deposit of $100 per person for Father’s Day Lunch and Dinner Buffet (on 15 June) on or before 9 June. On 14 June, only selected credit card holders are entitled to 15% discount off when patronizing lunch or dinner buffet, other discount offers are not applicable on that day.

Harbour Restaurant’s gourmet treat on Father’s Day is sure to bring unforgettable memories to you and your dad!

Father’s Day Buffet Prices
14 June (Father’s Day Eve)
15 June (Father’s Day)
Adult    Senior   
Adult    Senior   
Lunch Buffet (12:00nn –
$178     $168      $158
$198     $188      $178
Early Bird Offers
Not applicable
Waiver of 10% service charge on the above prices
Afternoon Tea
(3:30pm – 5:30pm)
$150 (Same price for Adult, Senior and Child,
all discount offers are not applicable)
(6:30pm –
$468     $428      $358
$498     $458      $388
Early Bird Offers
Not applicable
$468     $428      $358
(Above prices are inclusive of 10% service charge)

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge based on the original prices (except early bird offers on 15 June)
*Other than the selected credit card 15% discount privilege, all discount offers are not applicable on 14 June
*Other than the early bird offers, all discount offers are not applicable on 15 June

For reservations or enquiries, please call (852) 2802 4284 or drop an e-mail at: [email protected], or simply drop by the restaurant on the first floor of The Harbourview, 4 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

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