Tastefully Food And Beverage comes this round in the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre where the themes where they have their usual food and beverage delights and another is the organic delights.
Occupying 2 halls (Hall 1 & 2); the exhibition covers over 200 merchant from big to small where ou can find Unique frozen Sea Food, Eu Uan Sang, Arristo Coffee and more. This round we are invited to cover some of the stalls in there. For early comers ; they can grab the limited goodies bag too.

BG 22 STALL ( Booth No: 024-027)

Starting with the healthy lifestyle which is the BG22 which offer a great discount and promoting their new healthy snacks. With their new snacks which is low calories and also healthy grains to enjoy at anytime. The Sweden Premium oat bran powder from Sweden bring 5 times more beta glucan than the conventional oatmeal where this beta glucon has the cholesterol- lowering effect. Their deals comes good for their two prodycts which is theor oats and also their crispy cereal.
You can have a taste of the cereal and even have a free cholesterol check as well. The healthy packed of BG33 is packed at RM 60 each (Normal Price: RM 65.90) while the Crispy Cereal where each box comes with 28 packs are priced at RM 120 each (Normal Price: RM 139.90)

BIOGREEN ( Booth No: 001 & 002)

Biogreen is another healthy product that is famous in the market as well. BioGreen is also another merchant which is focusing on oats and healthy solution. With the variety of organic product with Biogreen, they recommends on healthy product at affordable price.
For this round fair, Biogreen comes with a few healthy Tempatations which is their BG 100 Organic Oat Bran Powder. The natural, safe, organic and drug fre products from Biogreen also promotes on the beta-glucan which is safe and drug free to help to lower cholesterol, high blood preasure and high blood sugar in it. Besides from the BG 100 package, you can also purchase their pink lady oatmilk product and their ortigres product in the fair.

The promotion comes pretty attractive with Buy 1 Free 1 for their BG100 as well as a grate offer price for their starter healty set too. Some offers available at The Biogreen Counter as below

i. Nutrisoy Cracker and Prebalance Cracker (1 set)-:RM28
ii. BIOGREEN Wisconsin Dried Cranberried(2bottles)- RM27
iii. Organic Oat Bran Powder 有机燕麦麸粉 – RM78/bottles – Buy 1 Free 1 and Energy Tumbler

Yu Min Taiwan Golden Buckweed ( Stall No: 046 & 057 (Jasper Promenade Sdn Bhd))
Looking for some heathy snacks ; try the healthy Taiwanese snacks. All the way from Taiwan; Yu Min Taiwan Golden Buckwheat Co Ltd it had succesfull produce lots of otems such as the Golden Buckwheat Noodles, Golden Buckwheat Sauce, Gilden Buckwheat Piwder, Golden Buckwheat Grain and Golden Buckwheat Snacks food too.

With the variety of choices soba choices of Noodels are available in the fair as well.
Not only that; this round the merchant is loojuing at their Golden Buckwheat Seaweed where they are promotiong their Blackwheat Seaerrd Biscuit Flavors, Blackwheat Seaweed Biscuit Spicy Flavors, Blackwheat Seaweed Biscuit Flavors,Blackwheat Seaweed Biscuits Buckweed and Seasome and the , Blackwheat Seaweed Biscuit Buckwheat and Almond. A nice new healthy snacks that is available in the market with the limited location too.

With Priced at RM 10 each per packet it, it is such an indulging products to look for. Not only that.with every purchase of 5 packets you are entitled for one free packet too.

EU YAN SANG (Stall No: 44)

This time Eu Yan Sang is promoting their new product which is their juices by the name of Biotta. Biotta is one of the organic product which is moe than 50 years where they uses 24 hour to process the ingridients whre 8 hours of harvesting, 8 hours to Deliver to factor and 8 hours of juicing.

There are a total of 6 healthy flavours to choose for Wild Bilberry, Cranberry, Potato ,Vita 7 , Digest / and Breuss

The promotion comes wih 2 bottles for RM 50.00 instead per bottle price is RM29.90. Another promotion is with purchasing 6 bottles the price is at 30 % discount. So drop by the their counter for more great deals.

Gong Yan Ting Bird Nest (Stall No: 34)
The bird nest which is provided by 100% Swiftlet Bird Nest comes in bottles and also in pieces. In here, you can find 4 types of flavours include pandans, American ginseng, rock sugar and red dates. The bird nest comes with no preservative at all. In this fair, Kong Yen Teng ready to drink birdnest is priced at RM152 for 4 bottles,
Aside, they also have business opportunities if they love to become their business partner and you may contact them at www.kongyenteng.com /03-9056 3828

HAPPY BOAT SDN BHD. (Stall no : 050-051)
Healthy Snacks is available here where they are selling lots of dried fruits and nuts which is from Iran. With choices of Kernal Seeds, Mariami Dates, Fruits & Nuts, Watermelon Seeds and more.
The producs are now have a great deal where they have Buy 2 Free 1 and some in boxes are selling at RM 10 compared to the market price at RM 13.00-RM 13.50.
I love the Iraniah Apricot which is larger in size and moist.
Their products are available at Giant, Cold Storage, Mercato, Mydin and more.

Simpee Frozen Food comes well with loads of choices of frozen item where you can find crabstick, seafood tofu and more. Not only that, they have a variety of choices which is tempted you to buy for their frozen food where each packet selling at RM 7.00 and 3 packets is at RM 20.00

Besides that, the brand also has the shredded cuttlefish and fish meat available there. I took in Hong Kong my last round trip and it is such a nice bites to enjoy. Fresh, chewy and aromatic snacks to enjoy. Each packet is priced at RM 10. (Buy 5 and get 1 free)

For those who love to do some small business, they can invest in the machine at RM 16k.

CRZYPUFF ( Stall No: 298)


CrzyPuff is where they are now in Online delivery and their new shop is opening in Ara Damansara. They serves a variety of puff which is big and huge and comes with special Ingridients too.


Some of their puff includes Empanada(Loco Lamb – Pulled Lamb / Brit Bonkers – Shepard’s Pie / Wacky Yankee – Mac + Cheese / Wild Popeye – Spinach + Cheese / Cukoo-Dang – Chicken Rendang / Gila Classic – Curry Potato / Mad Monkey – Banana + Nutella / iPuff – Apple Cinnamon ). Selling at RM 15 each. For those who love to get their deliveruy service you can order them via their web at www.cezypuff.com or call them at 0162799230


Cookie Box is specializing on the customized cupcakes, wedding cakes, corporate cakes, kid party cakes, or any other decorative cakes you wish to specially ordered to cater your own event.



The humble lady sells a variety of cute petite adorable items. They have four outets you can visit which includes Berjaya Times Square Lower Ground Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery Lower Ground Floor, Publika Solaris Dutamans, Kota Damansara SunSurian Avenue.
Website: http://cookieboxmy.blogspot.com/

MUM YUMMY FOOD (stall : 209)



Mum Yummy Food comes with the variety choices of pudding where theyir puddings are free from preservative. Featuring interesting flavours where you can find Herbal Black Jelly, Ginseng Bird Nest, Longan Milk Pudding, Lemon Ais Jelly, Honey Dew Milk Pudding and Pineapple Milk Pudding. The pudding are selling at RM 4 per cup and with every purchase of 5 cups; you will get 1 cup free.

Aside from pudding, they also offers baby full moon package. Feel free to reach them at 016-3136650 if you need further enquiry.



Besides food, they have a little rice stall there by the brand of Sunflower. The company had been in the rice industry since 1950 and the are the first rice processor which invest in the latest stat or processing plant.

During the fair, consumer can purchase the variety of their products such as ragrant rice, White rice, brown rice, red rice, parboiled rice, glutinuous rice, basmathi rice and calrose rice and more.
The deal of the day is RM 10.00 for a 2 kg of brown rice and free 1 toothbrush

Everbest is also one of the pioneer in tofu making. With over 16 years experiences, they have loads of products that had launch for vegetarian. Silken Tofu Tau Kua and mock meats are some of the quality products that is by Everbest.
Website: http://www.everbest.my/

Coffee bean also have their stall there. Selling their latest invention of coffee makers which not only able to make coffee, it can also have their tea done. Price at RM784 now compared to selling at coffee bean outlet at RM 980.00)
There is actually more stalls to discover. Visit yourself to know more!

For those who are in Malacca no worries, Tastefully is coming over to your town soon on 31st May 2014. Booked your dates for more fun and food

Hall 1 & 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Address 32-1-1, Jalan 1/101C, Cheras Business Centre, Batu 5, Jalan Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel 03-9130 3655 / 3502
Web www.tastefully.com.my
FB Page www.facebook.com/pages/Taste-Fully-Food-Beverage-Expo

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