IPPUDO Malaysia will definitely elevate the experience of ramen dining in Kuala Lumpur, with the recent opening of its third outlet, in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). The ramen-focused dining experience is a brand new concept by IPPUDO, offering a convenient stop to neighbouring urbanites living in both Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Accentuated by its eye for interior design, being one-of-its-kind to ramen dining in Kuala Lumpur, its strategic location in upscale Bangsar presents its maiden outdoor dining concept with a full-range bar of IPPUDO cocktails, whisky, sake and wine; marking its footprint to Bangsar’s hip nightlife.

Similar to IPPUDO’s existing outlets, IPPUDO BSC will continue to serve its signature ramen to its loyal ramen connoisseurs – Classic Hakata-style SHIROMARU ramen, special miso blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil modern-style AKAMARU ramen and special spicy, cashew-nut miso KARAKAMEN ramen. The more adventurous ramen connoisseurs will be thrilled to savour the new KURO ramen with its thick, chewy noodles served in IPPUDO’s signature Tonkotsu broth, which is made available only at the BSC outlet.

Other new hot items created for the IPPUDO BSC menu include KUSHIYAKI skewers- a different range of yakitori made from premium beef, salmon and egg as well as delicious seafood sushi rolls. One’s palette will be teased with more than 15 new appetisers and light snacks, finely crafted by its team of chef trained in Japan.

The store opening was graced by Founder of the IPPUDO chain of restaurants, Shigemi Kawahara as well as Dato’ Rosie Tan, Director of IPPUDO Malaysia, who performed the special Sake Barrel Breaking (Kagami-biraki)* ceremony. This is performed at celebratory events where the lid of the sake barrel (kagami) is broken open (biraki) by a wooden mallet and the sake is served to everyone present. The round shape of the lid symbolises harmony and the ceremony is said to bring good fortune.

Kawahara is the Founder and President of Chikaranomoto Holdings Co. Ltd. (owner of the global chain of IPPUDO), whom started his first IPPUDO restaurant in Fukuoka in 1985 and currently has more than 100 IPPUDO restaurants around the globe.

 “I am proud to see the cross-cultural ties with Malaysia communicated through food. In Japan, ramen makes up our staple diet thus it is a joy to see ramen added to the diverse local diet of the food-loving Malaysians. Indeed, such tapestry of food and culture signifies the warm friendship between Japan and Malaysia”, said Kawahara.

The video of Kawahara or better known as Ramen King’s journey was shared with guests depicted the history behind the scenes to make his country’s staple food ramen a well-known Japanese must-have delicious meal internationally. The success of the IPPUDO’s ramen is in the detailed preparation involved in every ingredient which customers taste and see in the bowl of noodles served. Kawahara emphasises, “At IPPUDO, every employee is instilled the notion that there is a reason for a precise step-by-step methodology in any dish preparation and every dish is timed to perfection. For instance, the hardness of the noodle is based on exact timing of how long it is boiled. This also applies to our “secret time” for our signature runny-egg”.

Kawahara is dubbed the Ramen King having been crowned the title five times on various television programs and competitions. He also holds a place in the Ramen Hall of Fame after three consecutive wins on “TV Champion Ramen Chef”. A charismatic entertainer in the kitchen, he sees the restaurant as a stage where employees are likened to skilled actors executing perfectly choreographed moves to showcase his signature tonkotsu (pork-based) ramen dishes, which is IPPUDO’s star attraction. Kawahara passionately shares, “Ramen is often likened to a “cosmos served in a bowl”. The delicate balance of ingredients, broth and finely made noodles is an art form in itself. I live with the philosophy – to continuously innovate to remain true – that is to keep reinventing in the kitchen, redefining recipes for a traditional Japanese dish that emerged over 300 years ago.”

IPPUDO was first introduced to Malaysia in 2013; its first store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (opened in February 2013) and the second store in The Gardens Mall (opened in November 2013). It is IPPUDO’s mission to continuously spread across the globe – “Smiles” and “Arigatou” through their bowls of ramen which they is achieved by heavy emphasis on service quality and the comfort of their modern store ambience.

Yosuke Nishiguchi, Operations Consultant of IPPUDO Malaysia highlights, “At IPPUDO, we are not just selling a bowl of ramen but a cultural journey of delicious Japanese soul food within a unique dining experience, where ramen are finely crafted using only the best local and Japanese ingredients.”

IPPUDO BSC’s interior is delightfully embellished by contemporary design with seating capacity of up to 30 and 50 people outdoors and indoors respectively. The private room is available via appointments booked in advance. For reservations or private functions, do call 03 – 2011 6238 (IPPUDO BSC) or visit / for more information.

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