Being a coffee lover, I get a chance to try up the coffee in Brewmen. Brewmen its name on its own is serving simple menu and nice coffee here. This is such a nice place to hang out with friends with the cozy environment where they have simple at its design with a cool bicycle on the wall with bee hives design concept of shelving.

Open around 3 months, Brewmen comes up with great coffee choices here. Importing the coffee from Bandung, their aims is to provide great coffee to be served to customers.


One of its signature is the Reverse Latte (RM 18.00). By using 4 shots of espresso in the ball itself; the solid coffee ball is served with fresh milk together. The taste is simply different from time to time when you are trying them. The tasteafter starts from the slight sweetness when the balls haven melt and its more to the milk taste and it is then turn little bitterness when it started to melts. Something different and it is worth to try off in Brewman.
Cold Brew comes next where the ground coffee is being filtered with cold water leaving it to drip. The coffee brings us with the light, low-acidity cold brew coffee where Brewmen use the El Salvador beans to brew them. The simply great coffee with light refreshing taste is something I love the most in Brewmen.

The Flat White (RM10.00) comes well with simple coffee art with it. By using a good milk; it is crucial in making a coffee and also makes steaming easier and complements the offee with the best possible balance of taste of mouth-feel. In Brewmen,you can find that the flat white a very light and tasty mouth-feel.


Ended with a long black (RM 7) ; the coffee gives us a great fragrant blend of coffee which is light and refreshing taste of the blend itself.

The best selling item in Brewmen are the waffles. Made in house, the waffles are being topped with bananas and vanilla ice cream. It is then being decorated with chocolate syrups with it. Bringing us a warm waffle with the crispy edges, the waffles is such a great one especially with the cold and warm mix.
We also tried the Summer Orange Poppyseed cake (RM9). The beautifully done sliced of cake which is not too sweet makes a great match with the coffee. Not too sweet, with a slightly dry texture; it compliments well with the coffee rather than having them only.

Overall, Brewmen is such a great place to enjoy your cuppa of coffee and a meeting up with friends too.

6, Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur

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