Are you a food enthusiast as well as a duck lover yourself? Try them all at Si Chuan Dou Hua where they have their elegant Beijing Roasted Duck dishes here. Well, with just a duck, the chef prepared us with a large variety of choices to delights and what’s to shout about is you would not get any wastage of your duck itself, where each part of the duck is used to prepare the delicious cuisine to try off. The duck is being slow roasted and succulent ; the duck skin, the duck meat , the duck one will be prepared with a variety of dishes of your choice.

Roasted in golden brown, the crispy duck skin which is delicately craved in front of diners to prepare the unconventional Duck Skin wrapped with the Seaweed and Julienne Legumes. The serving coms special to us where instead of using the usual popiah skin, they uses the seaweed instead to wrapped the crispy duck skin. The combination comes well where h the uniquely wrapping using the seaweed is being wrapped together with the scrumptious ingredients with it where there are cucumber, spring onions, and sweet sauce. The lovely delights brings us with the sweet sourish tangy sauce and the combination is a great one leaving the zesty sweet and soury blend with it which is pretty unique.
As for the duck bones, they will use to prepare the Duck Bone Salted Vegetables and Beancurd Soup. The local dishes is such a great one to enjoy leaving me lots of the childhood memory too. The soup added with lots of beancurds, salted vegetables, together with sour plum with it too. The sourish salty delights bring us a appetizing blend that indeed making me to start hungry and love to get more dshes.

As for the meat, they can be done in 7 choices of delights and customer can choose 1 from the seven choices.


The Wok-Fried Duck Si Chuan Spicy Chilly is a classic dish and signature in Si Chuan Dou Hua. The original Si Chuan blend is such a perfect choice for a spicy lover where the delights is definite to bring you a kick and numbless to your tongue and lips. This is where the duck is duck is being deep fried till perfection with the dried chilly in it as well as the Si Chuan paste imported all the way from China. Nice blend of dishes to be enjoyed.

For those who love to get the milder version, do try their Stir Fried Duck with Fragrant Black Pepper Sauce. Added with the Oyster Sauce in it, the taste is giving us a sweet blend and an awesome peppery taste that comes well. Meat is as juicy as it is .

For more toned down experiences, the Stir Fried Duck with Young Ginger and Spring Onions will be an ideal choice. The juicy meat of the duck itself brings us with the moist and juicy texture where they are pretty addictive too.
As for me, I am falling in love with the Sliced Duck with Mango and Spicy Sauce. The unique taste comes from the Mango and Spicy Sauce. The unique taste which comes from the Mango and Spicy sauce is pretty unique and the sauce is well blended with the little chilly and sweet Sour Suace to makes it more appetizing. With the myriad colors of the dish itsef, the dish not only brings us the attractive colors but it’s taste is sinfully delicious and divine.

Well, if you love to get a taste of some oodles, try their Duck Dan Dan Noodles. The noodles is being served together with the strips of duck meat and what’s more is the own made noodles which is served brings us with the springy and bouncy texture.

The Longevity Noodels which is being served is pretty normal and there sis not much to shout about. It’s taste is good too.
Own made Crispy Noodles ends our meal for the night. The noodles is being deep fried till crispiness and it is drenched with the creamy egg sauce with it. It is such a perfect blend with the fragrant sauce and what’s great is the taste is awesome.

The Beijing Roasted Duck Promotion is priced at RM99 nett per duck. It is available during lunch from 12 noon to 2.30 pm and during dinner from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. For those who are duck lover, do not missed the awesome promotion and get a great deals for this promotion which is available from 13 May 2014 till 15 June 2014.

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