51 Restaurant & Bar is a hidden gem in the town itself which is located at one of the busiest road at Changkat Bukit Bintang. 51 Restaurant & Bar brings us with not only good food but it is also a great place rocking all the way at night. Formerly known as Carne V Vivo Restaurant & Bar back in 2011; they had a facelift with the change of their new menu back in May 2013.
Locating at Changkat Bukit Bintang, the restaurant is indeed a great place to chill out with friends and family with ther resident band- Fieezzta which had built the loyal customer base that comes over for party and enjoying their great performance. As for its food menu, it comes well with a large variety of the menu to dine off as well.

We started with the variety of starters to pamper our tummy. Started with some greenies to pamper us, the Caesar Boat (RM12) brings us with the beautiful presentation where the baby alike mini boat is presented with all the lovely greenies – a healthy mix and it is being topped with the croutons, cherry tomatoes, and beef bacons. It is then being added the anchovies as well as olive oil for a perfect dressing which gives us a fresh and yet an appetizing temptations.


We also had the Black Pepper Rib Eyes on Toast (RM18) where the Asian inspired delights which the chunks of beef is being wok-tossed till it leaves the perfect fragrance of the awesome meals. The beef is really perfect which have the spicy blend of the black pepper and covers with the flavorful taste. The meat is juicy too.


As for the Salmon bites which is wrapped with Roti Canai (RM 15); the fusion style of delights which is perfectly delicious for salmon lovers. The Salmon fish is being wrapper in an Asian Flour Dough Parcel with the creamy sauce. The simply special delights where the salmon comes in great texture and every mouthful of the minced salmon is just flaky as it is with the awesome twist.
I love the Island Scallops (RM25.00) where the scallops is being pan seared with the tropical juices and it brings the complete flavours of fruitiness and the zestiness of the delights. Well I am pampered with the scallops though where the scallops is filled with juiciness in it.


The Beef Tacos (RM 15.00) is such a filling starters to have compared to the others. The soft flour tacos which is complete with the myriad of flavours does taste good. Soft texture tacos which is made from prime beef, guacamole, refried beans and sour cream brings us with the creamy sensation and the moist and juicy beef flavors.


Chicken and Beef Skewers (RM18.00) comes well with the smoky flavors. The stick of chicken and beef skewers presented in the ala-Hawaian presentation is pretty attractive too. The skewer of chicken and beef is juicy and flavourful is never enough for one.


Welcoming to the mains , CAABA Black Angus Beef Sirloin (RM52/250g, RM70/300g); the pan fried beef sirloin, fatty and perfectly cooked revealed a slight blush when cut. It is being served together with the sauté mushroom and black pepper sauce for addition flavors. The combination is lovely when the sauce makes a well compliment with the meat itse The juiciness of the meat is succulent and perfect too.


Norwegian Salmon Fillet (RM38.00) served in a bed of mashed potatoes with the sautéed spinash; the oven was oven roasted till perfection with a delectable creamy lemon, dill, and caper sauce. The tangy citrus note complimented the fish’s natural flavors , making each bite a pleasure.


As for the Grilled New Zealand Rack of Lamb (RM48.00) comes well with the smoky texture and the lamb rack does not appear too gammy too. It is moist and juicy as it is and being served with the mashed potatoes and the mint salsa sauce with it.


Desserts comes well to end our full tummy. We tried out 3 types of desserts at in 51 restaurant & bar. The 51 waffles which is freshly made in being topped with the premium ice cream – New Zealand Natural premium ice cream and berry compote. The delicious ice cream which brings a crispy crust and the spongy waffle is not much my favorite as I prefer for a airy texture.

The crème brulee (RM15.00) was not much my favorite as it’s texture is not too smooth. The brulee is infused with the vanilla flavoirs and it is garnished together with the whipped cream and cherry.


As for the chocolate lava (RM 16.00) ; the desserts is sinfully delicious and it is a double thumb up for this at 51 Restaurant & Bar. The warm and moist dessert with the ooziness of the creamy melted chocolate lava is just perfect to end our meals with together with the cold combination of vanilla ice cream. Yummz


Ground Floor, Radius International Hotel,
51A Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Open at : 17:00 – 03:00
Phone: 011-2611 2460
Website: http://www.51.com.my


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    good evening. Just now i have complain about my debit card. I asked the waitress from the smoking area if they accept debit card. She said yes. When i gave my card and then when she returned my maybank card she said the system is not working. Then i pay 70rm cash. After she return my card.i checked my card at 711 across the street then i found out your restaurant charged me 70rm at my card.now i pay your restaurant for 140 bill. 9 sets of mojito and 1 pizza. I will not complain this if your service charged me honestly. TQ

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