Simplicity is the key in the warm welcoming environs of Vida. The unaassunming restaurant around Mont Kiara condos is done up in the earthy wood- centric tones with beautiful shades of chocolate and textured wooden tables, with the wholesome rustic feel.



The menu is pretty simple and straight forward; honouring a wide soread of delights from pizza, pastas, burgers and also Asians delights with the respectable selections of each, perceeds by small appetizer selection.


The Carsar Salad (RM 28.00) is build from chicken, lettuce, egg, anchovies, croutons and cheese. It is one of a very simple dis with a wonderful meld of flavours that works well when Vida had balanced the ingredients right. The flavoursome and yet a healthy salad is at the right blend which is just perfect to my likings.


The French Baked Onion Soup is where the onions has been caramelized and ity is then being added with cheese. Furnished with crutons on top of the soup, it is then being baked till perfection. The flavor is pretty unique and it is not much my favorite too.


Pizza crust ere will leave your fingrts pleasantly floured, they’re thin and piliable, with a nice chewy character and crisp edges. The Smoked Salmon Pizza (8”: RM 26); (13”: RM 38.00) is loaded with smoked salmon on chef’s own sesame dressing and wasabi mayo base which had proved a great flavor combination.


The Beef Burger (RM 25.00) which is freshly made daily. Vida Restaurant focuses on ingridients and recies where the Australian meet is being seasoned for a 250g treats. Topped with the cheese, lettuce, gherlains and egg, the juicy beef is pretty sinful with the tender and moist texture. It is served together with the generous portion of French fries with it.

The Baked Seabass Fillet in Baking Paper (RM 35.00) is one of the signature in Vida too. The Seabass is being pan fried and it is then continued with the baking together with potatoes, leeks, French beans, capsicums and white wine. The Seabass is fresh and it is being topped with the crispy leeks on top. The portion is pretty a huge one too. Unfortunately, I ended with a slight disappointment where some part of the fish is half-cooked due to the huge portion.

The huge portion of the Seafood Paella (RM68.00) comes next wehre the portion can served up to 4 pax. Paella being one of the Spanish dishes is served with plentiful of ingridients which includes white rice, green veegtables,butter beans, great northen beans, runner beans, antichoke, sweet paprika, saffron and also generous amount of seafood-prawns, squids and mussels. Alike the Malaysia style of biriyani rice, the dish is good but the taste is slightly bland to me.


The BBQ Beef Ribs (RM 49.00) is perfectly something not to be missed here The bbq beef ribs, well done where the meat is tender and juicy and it is even perfect with the lovely bbq1 sauce which is being served together. The dish is also being topped with salsa which brings us with the zesty flavours. The dish is simply awesome.


If you love to dine for some Asian Delights, do try their Devil Curry Chicken (RM 26.00). The Eurasian Dish that brings the influence of Portugese Colonisation of Malacca can be found here. The awesome Curry chicken with the twist of light vinegar blend and the fiercy curry taste is really flavourful and delicious. Served together with the acar, papadam with a bowl of rice is completely a dish which melted my heart.

Besides the ala-carte dishes, Vono do serves the Sunday Roast too. We had the Roasted leg of Lamb, mint sauce served with the herbs brown sauce. Juicy tender lamb where the taste is not much gammy taste but it do brings the moist flavors and the cooling flavours which is from the mint sauce makes it even perfect. Tit is being served together with the Yorkshire Pudding, Potato hassel back, buttered peas and sautéed carrot broccoli together.

Not to forget, the awesome Roasted Duck Breast with Orange Coulus Brown Sauce. Well BBQ-ed and the met is not too greesy with it, it brings us with the moist and perfect texture. Not to forget, the orange zesty sauce which comes with it do makes the overall taste perfect!



They also do serve cocktails and mocktails too. Do try them when you visit their outlet.

G-2 Seni Mont Kiara, Changkat Duta Kiara,
Mont Kiara KL

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