For those who are looking for a place to impress a romantic date or a business chat, Neo Tamarind is a swanky outlet for the stylish crowd. Upon leaving our car to the valet (RM4.00); we walked through the sarmated area with greenies and climbing the steps to the restaurant is indeed gives us a relaxing and a romantic ambience.


Neo Tamarind is inevitably a great place to chill and unwind any by a very “dope” cheg, electro-chill music and a very colourful list of liquid desserts, whisky from its own described as “NEO-rotic” dining withi this domain feels sexy, satiating and a quite a state of mind. NEO’ Taamrind is a casual dining venue. Quietly elegant, it sits on a hill like lovers’ nest hidden by green foliage. The interior ristic-luxe and dramatic. atmospheric enough to offer one the illusion of being out-of-town. Hypnoic liquid

Service was impressively good where we lead to our table with a smile. Neo Tamarind is compromised on its Western Thai Cuisine. From fare of steaks, seafood and also pasta, there is enough of variety to get you pampered.

We started of with the complimentary starter- the cube watermelon which is simply a creative starter to have. Looking at it, there is not much to shout about, plain deco with a dipping side by side with the cube watermelon. But, once you dipped them with its special powdery dipping, it promotes a slight spiciness with a blend of saltiness in it and the herbs fragrance. The taste is just awesome!

Continue with the complimentary fresh bread that comes with two dipping condiments. As for the bread, it is simply speiccail where the black colored one is squid ink bread instead of the usual charcoal bread. The fluffy soft bread compliment well with the condiments too. Come in 2 selections of condiments which are the salsa and the creamy mashed egg plant.


Scallop Carpaccio (RM 46.00) is where the fresh scallops line up together with the thin slices of fresh apple in between. The awesome blend of freshness combining with the crispiness from the apple itself is just perfect. The chewy scallops pairs well with the orangish spiciness with the drizzled black ink sauce and truffle oi, Japanese soy bean, and salmon fish roethat enhance the flavours. Each mouthful of the delights is just perfect and it is well compliments with the fresh scallops.


The Grilled Mushroom (RM 25.00) is indeed one of my favorites. The thick sices oyster mushroom shimmered with the sauces and being grilled till perfection. It is being topped with the tomato conflict and the balsamic reduction and laid on top of bed of rocket leaves. The chewy mushroom with the tip top fragrance of the mushroom itself and creates the zesty temptation in it.


Not only that, get a touch of the Vietnamese delights where the thin slices of the wagyu beef in marbling 5 layered beneath the Japanese Soba. Pouring the hot pipping broth of the beef stock ith the squeeze of fresh lime and basil leaf for extra fragrance, the dish is simply good. The wagyu beef melts in the mouth with the silky warm noodles in the bowl.

The Lemon Sole (RM46.00), a perfectly cooked fish fillet which is fire-wood oven baked leaving a soft flaky fish texture and creates a combo of flavours which is just perfect.


Neo Tamarind do serve Braised Lam Shank too(RM68.00). Marinated with chef’’s signature and being going through the process of baking and braising, the fan-off the bone tender shank’s hearty goodness is evident in every salubrious mouthful.


Next come the Duck Confict Baked in Firewood Oven (RM 85) which is fairly good in its taste to. According to the chef, he uses the traditional way of preparing the dish where the cooking method is crutial, complicated and time consumimg. With the techniques which the chef uses, it had ensured that the duck confict remains the moist and tender texture. Each mouthful of the duck confict is indeed indulging without any greesiness of the texture itself.

The Grilled Tiger Prawn Rissoto ( RM52) comes well With the risotto which is being served together with the dried cherry tomato and teriyaki sauce. The prawns leave the freshness blend which makes the whole dish simply awesome. Delicious!

Quatro Formaggi Pizza (RM32.00) tempted our tastebuds too. The homemade pizza with the crispy edge crust and it is topped with the rich tomato sauce and 4 types of cheese- Ricotta Cheese, Mozarella Cheese, Buffalo Cheese and Gongonzala Cheese. With the 4 cheese combination, the pizza is made to a flavourful flavors.


The Pan Roasted Firewood Angus Rib Eyes (RM 108) where the angus beef brings up with the smoky and tender meat which displays an intense flavors of complexity absent for non-aged meat served together with lemon wedges and arugula salad.



If you are a lobster lover, do get a try of the River Lobster Ravioli (RM55.00) where the flavourful sauce which is cooked from the lobster sauce itself is just perfect temping. The taste is simply flavourful with the savory blend. Perfect to indulge my temptations for the day.


Ending with a sweet note, the warm chocolate cake would be my pick of favorites. While it looked blend and pale- more can be done in-terms of presentation, it taste great with the moderately rich, creamy flavoured of chocolate. The dark chocolate is really awesome which is rich, moist and bringing us with the chocolaty flavours. The taste was overwhelmed by the chocolate itself.

NEO Tamarind
19, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 0321483700
Business hour: 6.00pm to 10.30pm
Email: [email protected]


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