A new café had open its door recently; Epicuro  where the restaurant brings a success opening in Damansara Uptown together with Obanhmi, The Good Batch and more outlet this year.Epicuro is a place that serve english breakfast + coffee + tea in the morning while you can find great western dishes in the evening.
Lee Yugin, the co-owner of the shop who spent his time in engineering and his passion of cooking had shares his thought on food itself. The restaurant brings us with the cozy environment and it is much relaxed when we are inside Epicuro itself. The restaurant’s décor is modern and simplistic yet grabs attention with the contrast of bright yellow chairs against wood-topped tables, making it an ideal spot for hanging out with friends or solo food sessions flipping through the menu- they have a few choices of pastas, western as well as drinks.
We started with a Soup of The Day (RM 12.90). The carrot soup which is served warm our tummy. The awesome carrot soup is freshly cooked everyday in the shop to ensure that the soup is freshly served at all times. With the 4 ingridients which is well blended together including the carrot and fresh coriander added into it, the soup had make the soup more creamy and smooth in texture. It is topped with the crutons on top. It is just so fragrant where each spoonful is perfect.
Next comes the Tomato Brushetta (RM10.90), where the grilled bread is being topped with the chopped, fresh tomatoes, basil and extra virgin oil with it. Freshly made Brushetta with basil and olive oil with it is just superb as it is and we can get the feel of the cruchy texture of the sweet sourish tomato on top.


Another porklicious delight that comes well is the Chorizo & Pesto Crostini (RM 12.90). The grilled bread which chorizo slices and walnut and basil pesto is perfectly done leaving us with the fragrant taste of the porklicious of the Spanish Sausage in it. It is so delicious which I could not believe I am bitting few of it.

Going to the mains, we savour the Conchiglie in Spanish Cream (RM 18.80). The portion of the shell shaped pasta is being servedin the spinach cream sauce with bacon bits and toasted sunflower seeds with it. The pasta is well served with the twist of the creamy spinach cream which is good. It made a good twist of the delights itself and we completely falling in love with the awesome dish as it is.



Pork Lover would not resist the dish for sure. The sinfully addictive Balsamic Glazed Pork Ribs (RM 43.90) brings us with the succulent and tender pork ribs. The juicy pork ribs which is imported from Spain is being added with touch of Balsamic glaze with it. It is being served together with fries and coleslaw to make it to a complete meal. The coleslaw comes special to us where they had added with onions and chilled overnight. The salad is also being added with pinch of black pepper in it to enhance the whole flavours.


The Pork Chop (RM 28.90) which sis served next is just awesome. The pan-roasted pork chops with croquettes and dressed in the mushroom cream sauce with generous portion of golden brown French fries with it. The sauce is complements well with the meat allowing the fresh flavours of main star to shine though. The meats comes tender and juicy and portion is pretty a large one.

Cooked al-dente; the Linguine with Pesto (RM 19.90) is one if the items which is much recommended. Served with the bacon bites, tomatoes and house made basil and pesto sauce, the dish is pretty awesome with the preloaded flavours from the fresh ingridients. It is just a perfect match with the bacon bites with it and this had made me going for more despite of the full tummy.


For non-pork lovers, do try their Fish & Chips (RM 18.80) instead. Not a fan of dory fish, I had fallen in love with the fish itself too. The dory fish is awesome where it is being breaded and deep fried till perfection. It is being serve together with its special fried as well as their homemade tartare sauce. he fish meats remains flaky as it and each mouthful of the fish melts in the mouth too.

Lamb Shank (RM 39.90) is well braised with the juicy concection is just a perfect dish to try off. The puree is slightly special where it is not those thick and oily gravy but it brings is with the slightly light style. The gravy itself is well prepared with the trtomato puree, tomato brooth and vegetable puree in it.The fall of meat from the lamb itself concludes on its juiciness and the moist texture of it leaving no gamey textures.


As for the desserts, we had the brownies which are served in cubes. Served with a scope of homemade ice cream,- Dolce de Leche ice creams, it is perfectly paired well with the brownies itself. Awesome!

To conclude, pork lovers would definite to fall in love with the good food as well as it is a place to relax with a cuppa of tea or coffee too.

20G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya
Currently 11am-6pm, Wed-Mon. Will be extended to 9am-11pm eventually

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