Having a hassle on deciding where to spend your weekend on Saturday or Sunday ?

Well , fret no more as Pearl brings you a myriads of  gastronomic dining choices on a great wide spreads of food served piping-hot on your plate as you dine in the cosy ambience of Cafe 5 .

With our new concept of buffet brunch, spend an idyllic afternoon indulging yourself or with family members on sumptuous spreads ranging from healthy appetizers and salads to steaming hot soups like cream of seafood or “sup aneka laut “.Move on to the freshly-rolled assorted Japanese sushi or hot soba noodle prepared right before your very eyes. Prefer something more One Malaysian , try our curry seafood noodle or Chinese-styled prawn soup noodle. Don’t miss out on our truly Malaysian specialities of popular Nasi Lemak Kukus with sambal kerang, ikan bilis and other condiments.

Dig in a piece of Baked Fish in Puff Pastries with spinach that goes well with a seafood cream sauce or have a cup of Seafood Lagsagna. Craved for satays …..then you must have a few sticks of the famous Kajang Satay . On the main dishes, take a bite on the Ikan Bakar tepian Tebrau, Sotong Goreng Tepung, or the Sauteed  Buttered Prawn flavoured with curry leaves, Curry Fish with freshly cooked lady fingers, Kerang Rebus with Sweet Chilli. These all go well with either plain hot white rice or Seafood Yee Mee with mushroom.

Love some sizzling hot BBQ seafood stuff ? Then you must head for the BBQ Counter where choices of mussels, squids, prawns and fish are grilled to your preference and served with freshly cut lemon wedges, air assam or lemon butter.Health-conscious buffs can count on our DIY Sandwiches Counter with selections of assorted danish and breads  where tasty fillings of either tuna, cheese, eggs, chicken meat, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce awaits you.

Have a penchant for something sweet and flavoursome ? Pearl’s special desserts is a must for any diners to wash down after a hearty meal. With a range of assortment on French pastries, Cream Caramel, Mousse in Glass, Muffins, Cakes, Baked Pineapple Tartlets, Apple Crumbles and Nyonya Kuih Muih, you will find yourself going for one more extra bite.

End your dining adventure with a good serving of Ice Kacang ABC or assorted bubur of sweet kacang hijau, merah, pulut hitam or bubur cha-cha. The kids will love the Ice Cream Station that comes with assorted toppings.

Come and have a hearty and enjoyable dining experience at Pearl

Pick up your phone and call us now at 603-7983 1111 ext.3205 for your confirmed reservations#.

Adults: RM89.90 nett,  Child: RM44.90 ( Age 4 to 12 yrs )

*Prices quoted is inclusive of 6% Government Tax

*Subject to availability of seat and ONLY

200 pax per dining day based on confirmed reservation.

*Venue may subject to change at Management discretion.

* NOT VALID on Mother’s Day 11/5 Sunday and Father’s Day 15/6 Sunday.

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