Restaurant Yin Pin Dim Sum which is located along the Gurney Drive is one of our visit recently in Penang. The restaurant with the spacious sittings where in the morning they served dim sum and at night they do served a variety of stir fried dishes too.


This time around we have our dinner there and flipping at the menu, you will definitely amazed where they have Thai delights and local stir fried dishes too. Having a large space is indeed bringing us with ample seats and it is not stuffy though even without the aircond. The windy environment and great location is a bonus to visitors.

This time, we tried sample their CNY package but most of the food which is offered during CNY is also available in ala-carte version as well.


We started with the Yee Sang where it comes in colorful shades and topped with the slices of salmon fish. Here we go to toss for prosperity for this round with families.




Next we had the five prosperity dish. The superb prosperity dish comes with 5 different dishes in one plate. Divided into 5 section, they have the stir fried egg with sharkfin, 2 types of dim sums, rolled garupa fish as well as the salad prawn. The portion is a large one to try off and each item are generously served. The fried egg with sharkfin is one of my favorites of the dish itself. The ingredients are fresh which gives thumbs up.


Next, we had the ginseng with kampung chicken soup (RM50.00 for10 pax). The nutritious soup is packed with all the nutritious where each spoonful is flavorful. It is such a sinfully addictive soup where we had two small bowls.

Next we had the Broccoli with scallops and abalone( RM60 for 10 pax/ RM40 onwards). Decorated with broccoli on the side, the scrumptious jewel served with sliced abalone, sea maw as well as shell abalone. Not only that, we also spotted huge Kampai scallops in it too. It is worth for it and the sea cucumber was well made with the chewy texture.


Next we have the “Hong Siew Chu Sau” ( RM 35.00) which is where the pork knuckle is being marinated and cooked with the red wine with it. The juicy succulent meat is indeed tempted me to have a bite of the juicy meat. According to the owner, it will be prepared around 5-10 pork knuckle a day, so if you love to have it make sure you make your booking.


The Mongolian Prawn ( Seasonal Price) is one of the highlights in the shop. By it name itself, I thought it will be coming with sauce but it is actually the Butter Sauce prawn in dry version. Added with the salted egg yolk and butter stir fried with it, the Mongolian prawns give me a very delicious and appetizing dish. The prawns are fresh and sweet which brought the overall taste up and even better.



As for the fish, we are served with the Deep Sea Garupa fish which is prepared in 2 styles. Since the fish are in bigger size, the chef made a twist of combination of the stir fried fish and steam fish. The fish is fresh and does not bring any fishy taste as well. Well done with the sauces added into it, the dish is simply appetizing.
Well, not enough you can try their spicy delights Songtam (RM12.00) . Shredded mango added with little prawns and chilly padi in it is bringing you a taste of Thai. Being a spicy lover, I am also surrender to the spicy delights Songtam here. If you are a big fans of spicy food, do give them a try.


Restaurant Yin Pin Dim Sum do serve dim sum in the morning where their dim sum are priced from RM 2.50. We did make our way to their dim sum as well where you can have the assorted dim sum from prawn dumpling, siew mai, custard bun and many more.





They also have Har kuen ( RM 5.00) , Har Kok ( RM 5.00), Sui Zing Har (RM5.00), Har Kau ( RM5.00), Chap Mai (RM 4.50) and Custard Bun which are some of the items we had tried. The custard bun was a good one with the silky fragrant custard ooze out when we grab a bite of it. Har Kuen and Har Kok are some of our favorites too. For me, I do not really love the Har Kau as the skin is too thick to my preference.

Restoran Yin Pin Dim Sum (PG0317223-W)
黄敬富 (Helen)
104, Gurney Drive,
10250 Georgetown,
Pulau Pinang.

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