Many people are familiar with the cosmopolitan city of Tokyo, but few have actually heard of “Chiba”. Chiba Prefecture in Japan is actually just a mere one hour’s train ride from Tokyo and is well-known among locals as “Tokyo’s Secret Backyard”. The reason for this is the amazingly fresh and tasty agricultural produce that is found in abundance here.

Due to its mild, ideal climate as well as rich, fertile soil, a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers thrive in Chiba. These include spinach, carrots, cabbages, Japanese pears, watermelons, sweet potatoes, peanuts, strawberries, loquats and carnations.

But Chiba is not just renowned for its fruit and vegetable produce- there are also many other exciting attractions here- like Tokyo Disney Resort and the charming heritage townscape of Sawara.
The Governor of Chiba Prefecture, Mr. Kensaku Morita, held a “Discover Chiba” media event at Ten Japanese Fine Dining in Kuala Lumpur on 24th Jan 2014 to increase awareness of Chiba Prefecture and to promote in-bound tourism and Chiba’s local foods.

Mr. Kensaku Morita was formerly a renowned actor and singer in Japan before he became Governor of Chiba Prefecture in 2009.

In addition, Amber Chia, Malaysia’s local celebrity, supermodel and actress, also shared her experiences as she had recently visited Chiba Prefecture and enjoyed its many tourism activities and local delicacies.

The Governor of Chiba Prefecture also announced that to further promote Chiba’s tourism activities and local fruit and vegetable produce, two “Chiba Fairs” for the public would be held at Ten Japanese Fine Dining as well as AEON Mid Valley and Bandar Utama.

Ten Japanese Fine Dining, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and one of the foremost Japanese fine dining restaurants in Malaysia, will serve specially-created, mouth-watering desserts made from fresh and plump strawberries from Chiba Prefecture from 25th – 30th of January 2014.

Fresh and delicious strawberries, sweet potatoes and peanuts from Chiba Prefecture will be available for sampling and purchase at AEON Mid Valley and Bandar Utama from 22nd – 25th January 2014.
If you have not, as yet, tasted the superb freshness of Chiba’s amazing produce, now’s the time to do so- don’t miss the Chiba Fairs coming your way!

For more information on Chiba Prefecture or other enquiries, kindly contact:
Press and Public Relations Division, Chiba Prefectural Government [email protected]

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