During my trip back to Penang, we are being invited by Asiatique to try off their new menu. Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge is located at the new shoplots in Tanjung Tokong. The casual and yet classy restaurant bring us with the twist of Asian flavors into French cooking techniques creates a unique tantalizing food experience. At Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge Penang, the trend has also been to mix different cultural influences from around the world. However, the styles tend to be more closely linked with fusion food combining these different flavours and techniques on the one plate. Chef Aldrien aims to lead his team in creating exciting new flavours that is to rock the Penang food scene by storm.
Asiatique was named after the direct translation to the word “ASEAN” from English to French. Being that, Asiatique had opens up a whole new world of cuisine experiment bringing the twist across all regions, age, and race. The menu is pretty simple and straight forward, honoring the perennial favorites of western delights, pastas and more with respectable selections of each, preceded by small appetizers selection and desserts.

Walking in to the restaurant, we are well greeted with a smile and led to our seats. The service is superb which we gave a super thumb up.
Our first choice of Green Tea Cappucino ( RM 11) is an appetite whetting starter where the green pea soup is just creamy as it is. It is wickedly scrumptious treats that should have food fanatic beating a path to Asiatique’s door.


We are being served with the Chilled Silken Tofu (RM12) which is one of our favorites too. The cold tofu is being topped with the caviar, dried shrimp and hoisin jam and chives. The silken tofu, unlike regular tofu served cold , it brings us with cold and savory blend which is superb. The tofu is not only soft but it melts in the mouth with had captured my taste buds and we are falling in love with it.
Hanging out for more appetizers? The Chilled Chili Marinated Lotus Roots ( RM 8) gives a balance of the crispy taste of the lotus roots which is thinly sliced. Added into it- chili, garlic, fried shallots and Chinese chives brings us with the sweet, complex flavors filling the mouth and lingering there.
We were then served with the Braised Pork Belly (RM28) which is one of the killer dish of the night. The braised pork belly is served with the grilled abalone mushroom, grilled spinach alolli, confict potatoes and poached duck egg. The pork belly was perfectly done and it is ticked all the flavors and juiciness in it forgetting the layer of fats.
Another homespun favorite that should hit the spot is the Pan Seared Salmon (RM 28.00). The crispy-skinned, the lightly flaky yet moist salmon which is being topped with the generous amount of the laksa cream, prickled cucumber, and mint salad. It is then being decorated with the fermented prawn foam. With the laksa cream which is added in to it, it brings us with the new flavor perspectives of the paste itself, emphasizing a light sweet and sour taste combining with light spiciness.

The five spice meat breast (RM 34.00) is a sight of sore eyes. With the golden brown skin, the five spice duck breast meat is such a hearty selection. Well sliced with the touch of spiciness, the taste is exceptionally good. This is where the duck meat is served with the yam puree, sautéed chili spinach kushiyaki quail egg and orange plum reduction.


Got a penchant for pasta? They have 3 selection of pasta choices listed; the more outstanding ones are Nyonya Curry Spaghetti (RM22.00)- spaghetti tossed with calamari prawns, turmeric, coconut milk and curry leaves. The fusion selection is perfectly appetizing and the paste is well cooked al-dente which is just perfect with our tastebuds.

For sweet substance, you can count on Asiatique special creation- Kopi –o Bread Butter Pudding (RM14.00); Chendol & Red Bean Pannacotta (RM12.00) and the Sarsi Poached Pear (RM 12.00). Coffee lover will willingly succumb to the alluringly Kopi-O Bread Butter Pudding with the fragrant coffee flavors in it. Having together with their smooth home made ice cream, it is such a perfect ending of a heavy meal.


The Sarsi Poached (RM12) is not overly sweet and it has the earthy appeal to this homely favorite.


The Chendol & Red Bean Pannacotta that come next was also one of our favorites. The twist of the local delights chendol and red bean is served with a scope of gula Melaka ice cream is just superb.


Amohlicious (Rm 15)- Ribena, Lychee Fruit, Lychee Syrup and Soda Water

Address: C-G-3, Vantage Desiran, Jalan Desiran Tanjung, 10470, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm to 11pm. Closed on every Tuesday.
Contact Number: 604- 890 3995
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Wifi-Available and Non-Halal
GPS Coordination: 5.457507,100.307622

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