Holiday Inn Melaka welcomes the ‘Year of the Horse’with its Chinese New Year Reunion Meal featuring the must-have festive dishes. Whether itis for a family reunion or a company gathering, this annual tradition would be even more meaningful and memorable with the hotel’s specially prepared hearty meals.

Yee Sang’ set to complete the celebration 

For only RM888++, the Longevity Package features 8 delectable dishes that are traditionally served only during the festive season such as a  Crispy Roasted Chicken, Baked Crystal Prawnand  Glutinous Dumping as dessert. This package also features dishes such as  Cantonese Fried Rice, a  Yee Sang  set and just to name a few.Its  Prosperity Package at RM1088++, features 8 symbolic dishes that bring meaningful wishes in-conjunction with the celebration. For example a whole Steamed Fish represents wealth or  Stir Fried Butter Prawn that represents joy and happiness. Other dishes as featured in the menu are such as Braised Black Mushroom, Stir-fried Udon with assorted Seafood and  Red Bean Roll in Crystal Jade Skin with each has its own representation. Priced at  RM1288++, its  Abundance Package is the epitome of a luxury feast with dishes such as  Abalone Yee Sang,  Braised Treasure Duck, and  Baked Prawn Meat with Crispy Cheese. Others must-haves are such as  Double Boiled Treasure Soup with Black Chicken and  Assorted Deep-fried Ice Cream as dessert.

Red Bean Roll in Crystal Jade Skin, a meaningful and delicious dessert to mark this joyous  occasion

Alternatively, diners can tuck in to the wide array of festive favorites at es.sense kitchen’s CNY buffet special. Its never ending buffet lines bring sumptuous and mouth-watering international and locally favorites  to mark this joyous occasion. Its buffet dinner special is available at only  RM68++ per person (30th Jan – 2nd Feb 2014)while its high tea buffet special is available at only RM58++ (31st Jan 2014).

The celebration is incomplete without tossing the symbolic ‘Yee Sang’platter while cheering out the good wishes. It’s served with the combination of shredded vegetables, various crackers, fresh salmons and topped with zesty lime juice.

Available for dine in or take away for  RM48++ (medium set)or  RM68++ (large set). For those who are interested may contact Holiday Inn Melaka by calling +6 06 285 9000 or e-mail to  [email protected]. Prior reservation is highly recommended.

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