Pizza Hut is greeting Chinese New Year with the Golden Fortune Pizza, sharing the best of luck, prosperity and togetherness in one extraordinary pizza!

The pizza offers a new refreshing taste, featuring a cheesy crown crust stuffed with 3-flavour cheese and chicken salami, generously topped with succulent crab claws and crabmeat sticks, sliced mushrooms, pineapples on a bed of spiced cool lime dressing. Paired with the Fortune Platter which consists of crunchy shell baskets filled with sesame chicken and tomato salsa, crispy criss-cut fries, chicken dim sum bites, signature garlic bread, and not forgetting fresh cucumber and carrot sticks complete with a chili dip. This combination makes for a mouthwatering feast worth sharing! Enhancing this fortune feast is the Fortune Fizz, a tangy drink with a mixture of Mirinda Strawberry, mango concentrate, mint leaves and basil seeds.

With the tagline “Share the fortune, Savour the flavour”, this pizza invites you to eat, laugh and share the good moments with your loved ones this festive season.

“True fortune is not just about money and wealth, it’s also about togetherness. For this festive season, we hope to instill the spirit of diversity and also family values among our younger generation at the table through our latest creation, the Golden Fortune pizza,” said Low Kang Moon, Senior General Manager, Pizza Hut Malaysia.

The Golden Fortune Pizza can be purchased at an affordable price of RM28.90 (Regular) and RM37.90 (Large) for a’la carte. There are also affordable Golden Fortune combos available at Pizza Hut (prices are applicable to all stores in Peninsular Malaysia except for KLCC and Genting Highlands).
The advertising and promotion strategies for Pizza Hut’s Golden Fortune Pizza include TV and press advertisements, social media (Facebook, Youtube and Twitter) and in-store promotional collaterals.
Pizza Hut’s Golden Fortune Pizza will be available at all Pizza Hut outlets in the country starting 9th January till 16th February, so don’t miss your chance to taste and share the true fortune today!

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