Get into  the mood of love as there is more than luck and fortune in the  air this coming Year of the Horse. With the Valentine’s Day of both the  Lunar and Gregorian  calendars  falling  on  February 14,  Hilton Petaling Jaya  today announced its  Chinese  New Year  ‘East Meets West Tale of Love’  dining promotion  at  Toh Yuen  Restaurant.  The Chinese New Year promotion will begin from January 8 to February 14 2014.

Herald in the Lunar New Year of the Horse as  Toh Yuen Restaurant  dishes up  sumptuous reunion feasts of pork-free  Cantonese fare. Meticulously prepared by the hotel’s talented culinary team, the auspicious festive  menus begin with Yee Sang,  the Chinese New Year must-have  prosperity salad.  A variety of options  are available, including:  the Fresh Salmon & Baby Abalone Yee Sang,  Japanese Clam and Jellyfish Yee Sang,  Fresh Salmon and Jellyfish Yee Sang, Jellyfish  with Seaweed Yee Sang and  Chinese  Pear  and Jellyfish Yee Sang.  Take away  options  for all Yee Sang are available for your enjoyment with friends and family at home.

For dining at the restaurant, patrons can take their pick of  the four  celebratory banquet menus

which are priced from  RM1088++  for the  Everlasting Happiness set  to  RM1688++  for  the Sea of Prosperity set.  Each banquet set serves  ten  persons and prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes.  Highlights of  the menus include:  Eight Treasures  of Abundance Soup, Braised Broccoli with Sea Cucumber and Flower  Mushroom  ‘Fatt Choy’, Roasted Chicken with ‘Ngar Koo’ Chips and Thai Chili sauce as well as  Steamed Fresh Tiger Prawn with  young  Ginsengsauce. Vegetarian options are available upon special request.

For a true festive feel, diners  will  receive  an  RM88  voucher  for  a minimum spent of  RM1000 in a single  receipt when dining in Toh Yuen Restaurant  with the  Chinese New Year menus, a la carte choices or Yee Sang selections. This cash voucher is only redeemable in Toh Yuen Restaurant from 15 February to 30 March 2014.

For an auspicious celebration, try your luck counting the gold coins and symbols of prosperity in our Jar of Fortune to bring home a ‘sweet’ surprise! The contest runs from 8 January to 14 February 2014.

Toh Yuen Restaurant remains open on  the  Eve of  Chinese New Year and throughout the 15-day

celebration.  On February 4, 2014, there will also be a Lion Dance performance at the hotel to

celebrate the auspicious occasion.  For reservations, please call +60 3 7955 9122  extension 4073  or visit www.zestpj.com

For the latest F&B promotions and entertainment news at Hilton Petaling Jaya visit

www.facebook.com/hiltonpetalingjaya or www.zestpj.com

For more information about Hilton Petaling Jaya, visit www.petaling-jaya.hilton.com


Toh Yuen Restaurant Chinese New Year’s Y ee Sang Menu 2014桃苑新年发财五谷丰收七彩捞鱼生 2014
Fresh salmon & baby abalone “Yee Sang”      RM 188 (Small)     RM368 (Large )
步步高升齐捞生  (鲍鱼三文鱼七彩鱼生)
Japanese clam and jelly fish “Yee Sang”      RM108  (Small)   RM208(Large )
加官进爵齐捞生  (北极贝海蜇七彩捞生)
Fresh salmon and jelly fish “Yee Sang”        RM88 (Small)        RM168(Large )
马到功成齐捞生  (三文鱼海蜇七彩鱼生)
Jelly fish with seaweed “Yee Sang”            RM78   (Small)     RM148(Large )
风生水起齐捞生  (清爽海带海蜇七彩鱼生)
Chinese pear and jelly fish “Yee Sang”        RM68 (Small)      RM128(Large )
歌舞升平齐捞生  (雪梨海蜇七彩捞生)

Additional Condiments for “Yee Sang”Abalone          RM168
Japanese clam      RM88
Fresh salmon        RM38
Baby octopus      RM28
Jelly fish        RM18
Seaweed        RM18
Chinese pear        RM8
“Pok Chui” cracker    RM8


Toh Yuen 2014 Chinese New Year Set Menu
 EVERYLASTING HAPPINESS (RM1088++ per table for 10 persons)
Chinese pear and jelly fish “Yee Sang”歌舞升平齐捞生  (雪梨海蜇七彩捞生)***Braised eight treasures soup八珍海味羹***Roasted chicken with ‘Ngar Koo’ chips & Thai chili sauce港式烧鸡***Steamed Baramundi fish with light soya sauce清蒸石甲鱼***Braised broccoli with sea cucumber & flower mushroom “fatt choy”发财海参花菇扒时蔬***Steamed glutinous rice with dried oyster, salted egg yolks and dried shrimps荷叶饭***Chilled longan with sea coconut in syrup龙眼海底椰***Deep- fried New Year cake with slice yam年年高升

LOVE IN ABUNDANCE (RM1188++ per Table for 10 persons) Fresh salmon with jelly fish “Yee Sang”三文海蜇鱼生***Braised dried scallops with sea cucumber and crab meat in superior soup干贝海参蟹肉羹***Combination of roasted duck and chicken with traditional sauce烧鸭拼烧鸡***Steamed golden omega Snapper fish with homemade soya sauce家乡蒸金曹鱼***Nai pak vegetables with braised dried oysters, mixed mushroom & “fatt choy”发财好市扒时蔬***Steamed fresh tiger prawn with fresh ginseng sauce鲜人参上汤草虾***Steamed glutinous rice with dried oyster, salted egg yolks and dried shrimps荷叶饭***Chilled longan & sea coconut syrup龙眼海底椰***Duo of deep fried New Year cake with yam and golden fish with red bean paste年年高升
SWEET LONGEVITY (RM1388++ per Table for 10 persons) Japanese clam and jelly fish “Yee Sang”加官进爵齐捞生  (北极贝海蜇七彩捞生)***Double boiled baby abalone soup with dried fish maw & dried scallop鲍鱼仔炖花胶汤***Braised chicken with eight treasures百宝海味鸡***Steamed fillet of Canadian cod fish with Chinese “Chong Chao Hua” herb虫草花清蒸鳕鱼***Braised broccoli with sea cucumber & flower mushroom “fatt choy”发财海参花菇扒时蔬***Sautéed fresh sea tiger prawn with sweet chili sauce辣子草虾***Seafood fried rice with X.O SauceXO 海鲜炒饭***Double boiled longan with lily bulbs and lotus seed syrup莲子百合***Duo of deep fried New Year cake with yam and golden fish with red bean paste年年高升
SEA OF PROSPERITY (RM1688++ per Table for 10 persons) Fresh salmon & baby abalone “Yee Sang”步步高升齐捞生  (鲍鱼三文鱼七彩鱼生)***Double boiled dried seafood soup with morel mushroom清炖羊肚菌海味汤***Homemade style braised duck with sea cucumber古方海参扒鸭***Deep fried pomfret fish with fried ginger, ‘Szechuan’ style酥姜炸鲳鱼***Braised Chinese long cabbage with dried scallop sauce原只干贝扒津白菜***Deep fried prawns with butter milk and sweet corn奶油粟米炸虾球***Braised “Ee Fu” noodles with eight treasures seafood八宝海鲜焖伊腐面***ear cake with yam accompanied with sesame glutinous dumpling with chopped peanuts年年高升***Hilton ice cream cake希尔顿雪糕***


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