It’s time of the year when festive and joyful occasions abound and Tai Thong Group Restaurant would wish to double such joy with their Seasonal Offerings.


We started with their Tai Thong’s new items which is their Eight Jewels Fruit Yee Sang. All Yee Sang are available in half and full portions, priced from RM68.80++ and 88.80++ respectively. The Eight Jewel Fruit Yee Sang brings us surprises with the Yee Sang comes with the basic condiments, and 8 types of fruits presented on the plate. The combination of the yee sang includes jackfruit, pomegranate, dragon fruit, pear, jambu air, green apple, mandarin oranges and also grapes. Deliciously done with the fruity taste which is light and appetizing, it is perfect to enjoy at anytime too.



Next we have the golden pot of delights (Prosperity Poon Choy Pot (without abalone)) where the pot of goodies is in one pot. Comes with scrumptious ingredients in the big pot, there are 18 types of superb ingredient braised together in it. The ingredients includes fish fillet, fish maw, dried oyster, mushroom, celery, sea prawn, sea cucumber, wheat gluten, broccoli, lotus roots, white radish, poached chicken, fatt choy, conpoy, roast duck, beancurd stick, and tien jin cabbage. Hidden beneath with the great ingredients, the soups are well infused with the flavorful taste. To me, I felt it is slightly salty. And what so special about the dish, is you can bring back the limited edition of the big bowl with the horse picture engraved at the side back home too.
Prosperity Poon Choy Pot (without abalone ): RM 298.00++ (5 pax) /RM498++(10 pax)
Prosperity Poon Choy Pot (with abalone ): RM 398.00++ (5 pax) /RM698++(10 pax)


We also had the Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat which is well fried with the condiments like chicken wax meat and more in it. Flavorful delights to fill up our tummy. Nicely fried with the fragrant ingredients is just a perfect delight to end our mains.

Moving to desserts, the Rainbow Tong Yuen is served to end our meals. The colorful tong yuen where each comes with different ingredients is something special to look for in Tai Thong. The colorful tong yuen where each of it has different taste where they have red bean (red), corn (yellow), custard (blue), pumpkin(orange), sweet potato(purple), yam(bluish) and finally is yingyong (green). The dessert is simply special to me and give me surprises with every chew of the tong yuen
Price: RM 12.80++
Tai Thong’s Poon Choy Pots , Prosperity Yee Sang, Rainbow Tong Yuen and Chinese New Year Set Menus are available from 14th December 2013 till 14th February 2014

More details can be obtained by calling Tai Thong’s customer care line at 1800-88-2338, or visiting www.taithong.com.my or Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/TaiThong

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