This gift box featuring 9 pyramids with our signature blends are an absolute must-have.

Each pyramid contains exquisite loose leaf tea packed in a silken infuser.

Sapphire Grey – BLACK TEA

Traditional Earl Grey black tea is married with cornflowers, delicately enhancing its bergamot notes.

White Diamond – WHITE TEA

A delicate white tea is subtly infused with rose petals and jasmine tea from China’s Fujian Province.

Ceylon Breakfast – BLACK TEA

From Sri Lanka’s Uva region, this Broken Orange Pekoe black tea yields a strong, flavourful copper blend. Enjoy with milk and sugar.

Emerald Mint – GREEN TEA

Savour the refreshing flavour and aroma of spearmint in this Chinese gunpowder green tea blend.

Formosa’s Finest – OOLONG TEA

This exquisite oolong tea from northern Taiwan yields a soothing amber infusion.

Inner Peace – TISANE

This harmonious theine-free blend features chamomile, lavender and peppermint.

Coral Sunset – TISANE

Peach, apple, hibiscus and mango are the highlights of this aromatic theine-free fruit infusion.

Imperial Bliss – BLACK TEA

Lemongrass and ginger blended together with  Pu-erh tea from China’s Yunan Province offer a calming infusion.

Ruby Red – TISANE

South African rooibos [Afrikaans for red bush; pronounced roy-boss] leaves are mixed with caramel pieces creating a delicious theine-free infusion.


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