Shell Out is a place where you can find lots of great seafood and enjoyment with family and friends. It was located at the shoplots opposite Sukiya’s row. The restaurant brings us with the simple decoration but an impressive one though. Decorated with the wooden sitting and also fishing net and fish and crabs in the nets is like really dining by the fishing village.

In Shell Out, we really enjoyed the impressive types serving of food where the food is served inside the plastic bag and here we eat on our tables too. There are a selection of sauces in Shell Out available to try off where they have Cajun Sensation, Lemon Pepper, Butter Garlic, Spice Up where spice up comes with three level of spiciness in it which is Mid, Middle and OMG.

– Crawfish (Yabbies)-
What is important is they use fresh seafood in their dishes.

Fried Chicken Wings is something which is worth to try off. Well marinated with their special method which it brings us with the juicy likings of the crispy meat.
Price: RM 12.90

Fried Sweet Potato is next we had. The fried potato fries is being deep seasoned and deep fried till perfection leaving a crispy taste with some sweetness in it.
Price: RM 9.90

Not only the fried chicken wings and sweet potato, some lovely snacks like the Fried Fish Basket is available in Shell Out. The deep fried baby pomfret is nicely fried with a bed of fries below. The fishes were fried till crispy and crunchy outside and it is fresh and juicy.
Price: RM 10.90

Goes to the main, we are surprise how the food in presented. The seafood is being packed in plastic bags and when it arrived, the waiter will tear off the plastic bag and we can smell the fragrant smell of spices with the tantalizing seafood . We started with the signature in Shell Out which is the Crawfish (Yabbies). The crawfish is kinda rare to be found in many restaurant and here you have it all you can. Signaturely done with the cajun sauce with it, the crawfish is perfectly deliciously fresh. The waitress thought us how to eat the crawfish where we need to unplug the shrimp head, and we need to do some massaging on the crawfish and remove the tail and then the body and complete with the shells of the body. It is so easy to get the hands on and the dish is amazingly good.
Price: 500g RM46.90; 1kg RM88.90

The Indonesian mud crab is being served to us next. Fresh crabs in middle size and fully infused with the spicy cajun sauce is good . It is an enjoyment to have this with your hands and it is fresh.
Price: Seasonal Price.

Another delights not to be missed in the Escargot. The escargot here are fresh and bring us with the fresh tantalizing taste. The escargot is well infused with the flavours and it have the tangy chewy taste of it.

Shrimps is neverless a must for seafood meal for me. The shrimps is quite large in size and it is well marinated with the spicy sauce with it. The item is amazingly good and delicious with the sweet fresh meat from the shrimp itself.
Price: 300g RM29.90/ 500g RM39.90

Scallops is next being served. Fresh scallops with the spicy Cajun sauce bringing us the spicy blend. The taste is perfectly good where the spiciness is in par.
Price: 250g RM18.90; 500g RM25.90


Not to forget is the Lala. It is filled with lots of the sauces inside but for me the lala size is pretty small. If it is slightly bigger in size, it will be good.
Price: 500g RM16.90; 1kg RM29.90

It is also being recommended to have it with some vegetables as well like corns, potato and broccoli which give you a balance of the whole meal. As so, we had them with the vegetables too

Price: RM 1.90

Price: RM8.90


Dining in Shell Out is simply special,where we pour all the seafood as well as the vegetable together and have it with your bare hands. If you are afraid, then get a glovw and some plastic scaft too. That’s cool and no worries on getting dirty, its FUN !!.

Shell Out,
16-1, Jalan PJU 5/15, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.
Tel: 03-6140-2855
Tel: 603-74971137
Opening Hours: 11:30 am-11pm

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