Christmas is the seasonof joyful giving and sharing. It is the season when childhood imaginations come to life and classic Christmas carols can be heard weeks before the highly anticipated date. The endless shopping and last minute gift purchases is also something many can relate to. In the spirit of the Holiday Season, the hotel staff of Palace of the Golden Horses came together to create a Christmas Wonderland themed decoration using recycled materials and features one of Christmas’ most loved stories, the Nutcracker.


The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas story about a young girl’s magical adventure through mystical lands accompanied by her Nutcracker doll that comes alive on the eve of Christmas. Over the years, the tale has been retold and updated many times.
To bring the Christmas Wonderland theme to life, an 8 feet tall Nutcracker was conceptualized as the feature piece in the Wonderland theme decorations. A team of 10 people from various departments of the hotel took about a month to complete the exercise.
“We wanted to mark this special occasion by creating something unique that our guests and visitors can appreciate and know that it was a labour of love and a huge dose of creativity by our own staff. It is remarkable to see how the
decorations have ‘come alive’ from just recycled materials after the team has spent hours adding their creative touches to it,” said Francis Alberto Resident Manager at Palace of the Golden Horses.
“Approximately 70% of all materials used in the decorations are recyclable materials. This was specifically done to express the hotel’s commitment to be environmentally friendly. We hope our initiative will also encourage others to do their part in being ‘green’.“It also is great to see how materials so simple could be used to make something as extravagant with a little ingenuity, lots of love and amazing team spirit. It was wonderful to see the staff come together as one big family to create the decorations. I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone involved. “The concept of the decorations at Palace of the Golden Horses is certainly a labor of love and demonstrates the message of touching lives and sharing joy at Christmas,” Alberto concluded.
Besides the unique concept of decorations on display, the hotel’s very own Carousel International CoffeeHouse has specially prepared a mouth-watering buffet spread designed specifically with the Holiday Season in mind. The menu, created by Chef Muhamad Nasri, Chef de Cuisine at Palace of the Golden Horses, includes a wide array of dishes that will surely set the mood for Christmas. “The Holiday Season buffet menu was designed to enable our guests to experience a wholesome and delicious holiday buffet meal together with their family members and loved ones,” said Chef Nasri.The buffet selection includes a variety of pasta,roasted tom turkey with chestnut stuffing
served with giblet gravy, roasted baby potatoes and buttered vegetables. For the main course, guests will be able to help themselves to the oven roasted lamb rack with tarragon sauce, beef wellington with sage sauce and poached asparagus, oven baked fillet of cod with garlic confit, herbs, potatoes, kalamanta olive and lemon, stuffed chicken breast with broccoli mousse and served with mushroom ragout, risotto al’ primavera and seafood termidor. For those with a sweet tooth, check out Chef Nasri’s dessert selection of Yulelog cake, Christmas puddings and Christmas cookies.
With the Christmas Wonderland themed decorations featuring the 8 feet tall Nutcracker and delicious food served at the Carousel International CoffeeHouse, Christmas truly comes alive this December at the Palace of the Golden Horses.
The Christmas Eve buffet dinner is priced at RM 98++ for adults, the Christmas buffet dinner is priced at RM88++ and RM 68++ for the Christmas and New Year brunch at the Carousel International CoffeeHouse. The New Year’s Eve buffet dinner is priced at RM 98++ for adults and the New Year’s buffet dinner is RM 88++. For the further enquires and reservations, please contact Palace of the Golden Horses at 03-89464888 or email [email protected]

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