Some say it is a privilege to give than to receive. Lo-and-be-ho-ho-hold, the season to give is just around the corner! Stores are stocking up their shelves with gift items ranging anything from home accessories, clothing, stationery – and of course toys!

This year-end, Mattel, the world’s leading toy maker, delivers an exciting Toys, Tots and Game list – take your pick to fulfil your loved ones wishes! Whether it is to bring out the imagination of your tiny tots to putting a new twist to family fun, there is something for every boy and girl – and adults!

Timeless, Mattel continues to evolve with innovation and age-appropriate technology, yet remembering to stay true to its core brands. Mattel is bound to bring innovative and imaginative play experiences to anyone and everyone in the family, and around the world, to a whole new level.

Rocking Round the Christmas Tree with Fisher-Price® Rainforest Friends 

Surprise your little ones (and yourself!) with Fisher-Price® Rainforest Friends this Christmas. Complete with safety restraints, versatile seat angles and a machine-washable rocker seat cover, the Fisher-Price® Rainforest Friends Newborn-to-Toddler Rocker allows your newborn to learn-through-play. Doubling as a rocking seat and a stationary seat for feeding or napping, the rocker comes with in-built calming vibrations to sooth baby to sleep. It is equipped with a removable toy bar that helps stimulate and develop baby’s visual and eye-hand coordination skills. Using minimal space, the rocker is easily foldable, rendering it convenient and portable for storage purposes. On top of that, it is made perfect with grow with baby features!
Recommended retail price: RM349.90; it is definitely a sweet bundle of surprise and the perfect gift for newborns and up!
**Max. weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)
Fascinate your baby visually with the Rainforest Friends Fantastic Musical Mobile where three plush rainforest friends dance overhead, charming the baby with vibrant character art, lulling them to sleep with up to 20 minutes of enchanting music. Doubles as a soothing night light, the musical mobile also comes with grow-with-me features that easily convert to a crib soother for older babies. Retailing at RM219.90, kick start your bubs’ Christmas experience with a Rainforest adventure. Featuring the beloved Signature Style characters and furnished with great activities, captivate your baby with hours of entertainment with the playful Rainforest Friends Musical Gym. Stimulate your bubs’ senses with the motion sensor lion mirror with lights, a rollerball elephant with music and sound effects, as well as an adorable monkey with cuddly arms and legs among many other Signature characters. The three legs also easily detaches for convenient storage and portability. Retailed at RM299.90, let your bubs rumble and tumble with their favourite Rainforest Friends in the comfortable and safe Musical Gym.

Hop on the Thomas and Friends™ Express

In Thomas and Friends™’s legendary movie adventure, “The King of the Railway”, we witness an epic journey unfold with the steam team as they take on important and challenging tasks to rebuild Ulfstead Castle. Their quest continues as Thomas and Friends™ bring Train-play to new heights with the tallest TrackMaster™ set ever made – a two-foot mountain!

The Thomas and Friends™ Trackmaster Blue Mountain Bridge Drop playset comes with a complete loop of winding mountainous tracks, two working cranes, and a breath-taking, heart wrenching drop-bridge that drops the engine down onto the tracks – just when he steams over the edge! Use the cranes to load and unload rocks at the quarry, and switch tracks to either send Thomas and his friends around the mountain track or up to the drop-bridge! At a retailing price of RM269.90, the playset includes two track paths, two cranes, engine, car and rock cargo.

Thomas & Friends Year End Special!

Buy any 3 of Thomas & Friends Take N Play Engines and get 1 for FREE!

While stocks last.
Let Your Little Girl’s Dreams Come True with Barbie™

Barbie Mariposa Doll

The all new  Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess movie brings back the beloved fairy, Mariposa in a new role – as an ambassador to a faraway fairy kingdom, where she meets and befriends the local fairy princess. This doll features Mariposa as fun and fantastical as girls will be able to transform her into two looks – from ballroom ready to fairy flight!

Mariposa is dressed to the nines in a beautiful pink and orange full-length ball gown, with wings tucked down so they do not get in the way of her dance moves at the ball. A butterfly-patterned bodice emphasizes her wing-inspired print. Ready to make Mariposa’s wings flutter? Push the butterfly-shaped button on hernecklace, and two sparkly wings in matching shades of orange and pink flip up! Turn the knob on the doll’s back to fold her wings back into the skirt of the princess dress. Girls will love playing out quintessential moments from the movie and transforming Mariposa doll from ballroom beauty to a fantastic fairy over and over again. Recommended retail price: RM 99.90. **Doll cannot stand alone; For ages 4 and up.

Catania™ Doll (2-in-1)

In Barbie’s new movie, Mariposa befriends the local fairy princess, Princess Catania. This story brings to life the story of Princess Catania who transforms from a pretty princess to a ballroom-gorgeous fairy.

Princess Catania charms the fairyland in a sweet floor-length gown with a shimmery pink skirt that complements her glittery purple bodice.  A short sheer peplum split up the front is a perfect princess touch. When girls push the jewel-shaped button above Catania doll’s waist, the folds of her skirt magically open to create a fuller dress with a stunning, sparkly pattern fit only for a princess – lots of swirls, diamonds and petals! Girls can also play with Catania by manually lifting the dolls’ wings. Catania’s crowning touch to both her princess and fairy outfits is a purple tiara. Girls can transform the princess over and over again – close the skirt and start all over – repeated fairytale fun for all girls!

Recommended retail price: RM 99.90.

**Dollcannot stand alone; For ages 4 and up.

Craziest Tracks Built for Walls, Go For It this Christmas!

Give your boys a Christmas like no other with Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks™. The new range takes Hot Wheels track racing to a whole new level – moving traditional tracks from the floor to the wall! The Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks™ Basic Assortment display case lets you show off countless rows of all your favorite Hot Wheels® cars on the wall with the help of 3M Command Strips. Available in various assortments:

•HOT WHEELS® Wall Tracks Swing-Arm Slide Trackset

•HOT WHEELS® Wall Tracks Spin Slammer Trackset

•HOT WHEELS® Wall Tracks Power Pendulum Trackset

•HOT WHEELS® Power Pulley Trackset

Cars power this Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks™ Auto-motion Speedway™ Track Set for continuous action and a visual wow! Once loaded, cars set the top wheel spinning as they travel around and out onto the next leg. The track keeps moving as vehicles try to maneuver the turn, the bridge and the jump. Diverters add options to amp up the action! A hanging poster adds the perfect backdrop for the whirl of activity. The set connects to other Wall Tracks™ sets, sold separately, to create an entire car-powered world on the wall!

ALL Wall Tracks™ sets come complete with easy strip-on, strip-off Command™ strips from 3M that help ensure wall paints are kept intact, the Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks™ sets are perfect for keeping the toys off the floor and for saving space in the room. Retailing at RM 89.90 for the Basic Assortment sets and the Auto-Motion Speedway set for RM149.90; these sets are hot items to keep a lookout for boys this Christmas. **Includes 1 die-cast car; Suitable for ages 4 and up; Not for use with some Hot Wheels® vehicles.

Have a Fang-tastic Christmas Holiday with the Ghouls at Monster High™

Grab a copy of Monster High 13 Wishes DVD, where screams come true! It’s a new school year at Monster High, and the little sister of Clawdeen Wolf™, Howleen, is determined to be more fangtastic than ever.  Her dream of popularity turns out to be easier than anyone imagined when she stumbles upon a genie named Gigi Grant™ who grants her not 3, but 13 Wishes!  But the ghouls quickly learn to be s-careful with what they wish for because each wish comes with a dark side, and soon the student disem-body of Monster High™ is turned upside-down!

Watch out for new characters under the Monster High 13 Wishes Doll Assortment– Gigi and Twyla. Gigi is the daughter of the Genie, and so she must grant the wishes of her finder – whether good or bad! Daughter of the Boogie man, Twyla is not what she seems. Often shy and misunderstood, she hides under normies beds to capture their nightmares.

Also comes in other characters – Howleen Wolf and Lagoona Blue™. Doll comes with pet, diary, brush, doll stand and character-specific accessories. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Recommended retailing price: RM79.90. ** For ages 4 and up.

Celebrate Christmas in sheer Monster High fashion with the Monster High® 13 Wishes Party Doll Assortment. The famous ghouls of Monster High are dolled up in to-die-for Morroccan-inspired fashions; their over-the-top outfits are spooktacularly accessorized with themed jewelry and gold detailing in their hair. Each doll comes with a fun lantern accessory to help create an even more boo-tiful night! Choose from an electrifying Frankie Stein, a fang-tastic Draculaura or a fierce Clawdeen Wolf. Recommended retailing price at RM89.90. **For ages 4 and up.

Don’t Miss this Christmas “Steel”!

Recreate the stories and conflicts from Max’s world with MAX STEEL™ Turbo Team-Up Figure Assortment! Teenage Max and alien Steel discover that together they make a formidable force, able to protect the world from fearsome villains. These Turbo Team-Up Figures allow kids to play out their favorite Max Steel storylines and imagine up their own!

The fully posable 6-inch figures each have their own unique action feature inherent to their character including signature moves, weapons and superpowers. Integrated LED light effects showcase the figure’s strength and power while giving Max Steel a blue “Turbo energy” glow.

The assortment includes 8 different figures. Each sold separately, subject to availability.

Recommended retailing price at RM 49.90. **For ages 4 and up.

Sending Out a Blast of Energy This Holiday Season

UNO® Blast – The newest member of the UNO® family offers a timeless, exciting and unpredictable way for all to play UNO®! Gameplay is similar to classic play, but there is an added challenge with the UNO® Blast unit. When players don’t have a card to play, they must draw one and place it in a slot on the Blast unit – but they should choose carefully! Select the wrong slot, and the unit may blast out every card it holds for the unlucky player to add to his or her hand. It’s Fast Fun for Everyone!® and an absolute blast to play with. The set includes 112 UNO® cards and the UNO® Blast unit.

Retailing at RM 109.90, the UNO® Blast will add an extra oomph to family card nights this Christmas!

All the above Mattel toys are available at all major toy stores. Please visit www.mattel.com for more information.

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