Dian Huo Xin Wo is one of the restaurant in my recent visit.Located right in front of LDP nearby Kelana Jaya LRT station, the restaurant is a brainchild of 4 young man from different sector where they comes from Teluk Intan. The design of the restaurant brings us a classical view where they give us a feel of antique style which fills with antique phone, table fan, old style cameras, tv and more. Bringing us with the olden style of house with the spacious look, the place is indeed a great place for a steamboat at night while in the morning they do serve dim sum too.


Alike many steamboat places where they use the mini steamboat set or even a big tank with the hose beside you which is untidy, Dian Huo Xin Wo is making a clean way of serving their steamboat which I love the most.

In here, they offers 3 types of soup which includes clear tom yam, pork oriental soup combo and the black chicken herbal soup. The soups are being charge separately where each soup is having some basic ingredients.


We started with the black chicken soup where the scrumptious thick herbal soup is filled with the herbal taste from the kei ji and thong sum in it. Added with the half black chicken in the soup, it brings us with a very nutritious herbal taste which is just perfect for rainy days.
Price: RM22


We also had the pot of the pork Oriental Soup combo which comes with the tomyam as well as clear soup. The tomyam is blend from its own kitchen where you can get the taste of the spicy tomyam blend which gives super spicy and soury mix. In the soup itself, we found the jewel- a huge prawn beneath the soup. As for the clear soup, the taste is just good to pamper ourselves where we get too spicy with the tomyam. There is lots of meat as well as corns in the soup bringing us a sweet blend from the ingredient itself.
Price: RM 18.00

Tong Sam Century Egg is the next we have in our table. Imported all the way from Hong Kong, the century egg give us a pugent smell with the creamy egg yolk. Served together with it, will be the pickled ginger.
Price: RM 4.50

The crispy salmon skin is deep fried till crispinesss is really good and each mouthful is just addicted after the first munch.
Price: RM 6.00


The fishballs and meatballs here are daily made to ensure the freshness of its ingridients. There are a total of 8 types of fish balls and meat balls which is being prepared and each of the fish balls and meatballs do give us a memorable taste. Here they serves their Signature Beef Balls (RM 8.00), Golden Yolk Pork Balls ( RM 8.00), Mushroom Pork Ball (RM 7.00) , Crystal Fish ball (RM 6.00) , Squid Balls (RM7.000 , Seafood Balls (RM 8.00), Shrimp Balls (RM 8.00) and also the Quail Egg Chicken Balls ( RM 7.00). Among all the fish balls, I love almost everything but some of my personal favorites is their homemade shrimps balls which is bouncy and each mouthful it is just perfect. The cuttlefish ball is also one of my favorites too bringing the chewy bouncy taste of the fishball itself.


Signature Crab Balls which is imported from Hong Kong Is something worth to try off. Deliciously done with the bouncy taste of the fishballs do makes us savors for more.


We would probably fall in love with their meat. Each plates of their meat are thinly sliced and laid on the plate beautifully.


We started with the Sliced Pork Loin which is thinly sliced which brings out the overall taste which is perfect. Juicy pork loin meat which is filled with the tender meat is just perfect to dip inside the soup and cooked it in just 5 minutes.
Price: RM 16.00


The chicken meat is also next we had. The tender chicken meat is just perfect to soak in the creamy soup which brings out the flavors of the chicken meat itself.
Price: RM 12.00

Australian Snowflake Slice Beef
Price: RM 18.00

American Wagyu Sliced Beef
Price: RM 36.00

Mongolian Sliced Lamb is also a perfect dish to accompany with the steamboat too. Lovely enough to bring our tummy till the fullest as well.
Price: RM25.00
Besides meat, you can grab the delicious seafood too. Filled with plentiful of seafood on our table is just perfect and delicious. All the seafood are fresh too. There are Grouper Head (RM25.00), Sea Cucumber Meat ( RM 12.00) , Snapper Fish Slice ( RM 15.00) , Bamboo Clams ( RM 7.00) , Fish Skin Dumpling (RM 7.00), Fresh prawn ( RM 16.00) , Sea Cucumber Meat (RM12.00)and many more.
Fresh Prophet (RM 20.00)
Prawns (RM 16.00)
Sea Cucumber Meat is something special here which we had never tasted before. Something special to be ordered.
Price; RM 12.00


Not only seafood and meat, they do served tofu too in their steamboat. There are egg taufu (RM 5.00) , bean curd skin(RM 5.00) and seafood tofu (RM 6.00) as well which is in their menu.
They also have the dumplings which is filled with the meaty taste inside. Well wrapped with minced meat
Price: RM 6.00
To balance up our steamboat, we are being served with plentiful of mushrooms and vegetables too. This includes the Romaine Lettuce (RM 5.00), Broad Leaf Tong Ho (RM 5.00) and many more. Aside from vegetables, you can get assorted mushroom to accompany with the steamboat . They have Enoki Mushroom (RM 6.00), Brown Beech Mushroom (RM 6.50) and also White Beech Mushroom(RM 6.50)

While enjoying, you can dip your preferred sauce too which is their homemade sauce. Overall the meal is simply delicious and enjoyable with the scrumptious fresh ingredients and the bouncy fish balls.

Dian Huo Xin Wo 点火心窝
19, Jalan SS 4D/2
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E
Tel: +603 7887 4557 / 012 296 3886

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