It is always nice to go for a travel and  I sometimes had a bad experience of enganging taxis. Safety is one of the issues and it is rarely that we can find back the taxi driver when we had left some of our things in the taxi and we could not get on-hold with them.  I had experience once with the LCCT taxi services where the taxi driver do not want to answer our calls after we found out we left our bags in the taxi and we could not get on hold of him. It is rather a bad experience. Since then, we are very careful in enganging taxis in any of our trips anywhere.

I had recently found out a very good apps for my taxi booking where I booked my taxi 2 way from my home to the airport. It is conveniently done with the apps.

What I do is to download the apps  from my apps store and register your self with your phone number and email in it. You can do your booking conveniently through your phone and here you go where they will advice you with either an update to the apps or even a sms on your booking details.  It is just hassel free and the estimated price of the trip is being stated in the apps itself.

– The main page-
Not only that, you can see the on-going taxi and you can make your booking easily .
In here, you can see the route heading to your destination, as well as the charges that you need to pay when you engange them.

On the day, the taxi will arrived punctually at our unit and we got a call from their call centre to inform us on the booking too. It is just a bit of courtesy from them which made a smile to me.

Arriving on the doors, the taxi driver gave us a great service offering us  by opening the door as well as helping us to put or bags in the car too. The journey was a pleasant one where we had a good rest in the taxi while heading to the airport.  The smooth journey with the good service all the way to and back is superb and also recommended.

Why I love using the apps

– Easy booking solution where I can book via the apps with all the details of driver given

– Driver information is in the apps. Just incase, we left our bags or any important stuff, we can contact the driver as well as the company directly and they will return the things back to you. I felt this is very important as I had bad experience with the LCCT taxi services which I could not retrieve any thing back even I made the call to LCCT taxi counter with the details of the coupons which we bought.

– Convenient booking where you can book at anytime and anywhere as the booking is done via apps and you can even have your booking done overseas without any call charges.

– Confirmed booking is important where the you can get your taxi on time to your location and no worries that you cannot get the taxi last minute.

You can find the apps in android platform HERE or iphone HERE

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