It is time for Christmas and thinking what to get for your love one? Royce Chocolate maybe your options for a Christmas gift for your love one. From the great land of Hokkaido, blessed by nature, comes ROYCE’ chocolates.

Founded in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1983, ROYCE’ set out from the beginning to pride itself on the quality of its ingredients and its techniques employed, ensuring that its products would be challengers on the world chocolate market. Sourcing its ingredients from the surrounding area in Hokkaido, a region renowned for its high quality farming and fresh dairy products, each and every bite of ROYCE’ chocolates bring your senses to Hokkaido.

Distinctive from European chocolates, ROYCE’ products have a lighter texture and are less sweet, as well as a lot softer in their feel. Each Malaysian outlet features the best of the ROYCE’ range including its signature Nama Chocolate as well as the Japanese bestselling salty-sweet sensation, Potatochip Chocolate.
And during the times of Christmas, we sample the 3 choices of chocolate R Chocolat Strawberry, R Chocolat Gianduja and the Bar Chocolate Milk .

R Chocolate Strawberry had tempted my heart with the pinkish packing. The milk-chocolate R shape is filled with tart-sweet strawberry cream. The great sweet combination with the light sourish strawberry powder combine together with the cream is sinfully addictive which I can have the whole box of chocolate on my own.

R Chocolat Gianduja is another of my favorites too. Accentuated with cookie crunch for extra crispiness, this moderately sweet R chocolat is filled with a gianduja hazelnut paste. Not too sweet, the chocolate is just nice and crunchy at it is. The hazelnut is fragrant and well infused into the chocolate making it so good and delicious.


Bar Chocolate Milk is where the bar of the delicious chocolate combination with the cacao and milk. It is perfectly melted together bringing a balance of the bar chocolate. With the right amount of cocao and milk blend together, it had resulting a taste not only permeates the mouth, but also lingers on. The chocolate is so enjoyable with my children together where me and my lil one grab a bite everytime together.

Royce’ Chocolate has recently launched their e-store where customers can now order their products online and they deliver at Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru at this moment. There are a total 7 outlets in the Klang Valley- Isetan Suria KLCC, Bangsar Village, The Garden’s Mall, Ben’s Independent Grocer at Publika, Tropicana City Mall, Tropicana Golf & Resort and Empire Shopping Gallery. Place your order now at for your love one during the festive season

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