Fahrenheit 600, a restaurant which captured my heart with its name itself. They have a pretty interesting name – Farenheit 600. What’s the meaning behind? Farenheit 600 comes from the temperature which they use to prepare their dishes. Searing at six hundred degrees Fahrenheit, it is obviously the perfect heat for heavenly pizza. Fahreinheit 600 give us a chance to try the original good flavours of bread- with artisan pizza and sandwiches where they import the brick oven from America, skillfully assembled in Malaysia, brick by brick.


We stated of with the Popeye The Sailor. The pizza deliver to us with their special cream sauce, spinach, egg and Marscapone cheese. The delights brings us with the healthy combination with the spinach added into it. The vibrant color of the spinach are beautifully brings out the colorsand it is well compliment with the cream sauce as well as the egg yolk.
Price: 9” RM26-90, 12” RM30.90

Next we had Henry the Duckis also a great match of pizza too. The crust is being topped with the tomato sauce, caramelized onions, pink slices of smoked duck, orange sections, lime green avocado and bright cherry tomatoes. It is also being added with the rich smoky duck, it makes the overall taste very delicious and scrumptious.
Price :9” RM27.90, 12” RM31.90

The signature Duck Salad is another popular delights is Farenheit 600. The salad mixs, smoked duck salad as well as added with their signature duck salad dressing. The delicious smoked duck compliments well together making it to be very appetizing.
Price: RM 16.90

Next we had the Creamy Salmon which is one of the signature too. The Creamy salmon is being prepared with their signature cream sauce, salmon and cheeses. Crispy crust with the juicy meat with the ooziness of the cream sauce and hot smooked salmon with the cheese in it. It is just fantastic!
Price: RM 20.90

Mary Morino’s Favourite is indeed something special to try off. The Norwegia smoked salmon, wilted spinach, poached egg built on Sourdough toasted English muffins brushed with cream cheese, topped with house made hollandaise sauce topped with chives and pepper. Special delights to dine off and it brings us with the fresh smoked salmon which is sweet and juicy.
Price: RM 19.90

Sunday Morning gives us the other style of favorites too. Served with Poached Eggs, Beef Bacon, and mushroom on sourdough toasted English muffins with house made Hollandaise sauce topped lightly with chives and pepper. This is simply impressive with the delicious Beef Bacon which is tender and juicy too.
Price: RM 16.90


After having a great meal, we had their pastry too. Fahrenheit 600 has a pastry chef from France, and his creations are superb. A variety of cakes available dialy like Tiramisu. Tropezienne Cake, White Forest, Black Forest, Chocolate Mouse and more. This time we tried Chocolate Mousse cake which is very fragrant and rich with the chocolate flavours added in it. Delicious.
Price: RM 10.90

We ended with the Tropezienne Cake. An interesting cake to try off. It looks like a plain sponge cake with cream, but fact it’s made with brioche dough so it’s very rich and has a unique flavor. It is very fluffy and very good.
Price RM 7.90

Minty Iced Chocolate
Price: RM11.90

Green Tea Latte
Price: RM8.90

Superfruit tea
Price: RM7.90

Signature Hot Chocolate
Price: RM11.90

Strawberry Lemonade
Price: RM8.90

Kasturi Lemonade
Price: RM9.90

Fahrenheit 600
Below Red Bean Bag in Publika Square
A4-G2-05 Solaris Dutamis
Jalan Dutamas 1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6 03 6206 3417
Open 11am – 11pm


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