Ping Hooi Coffeeshop is one of the oldest coffeeshop which is located in Penang. The old restaurant with the old chairs and tables.Still maintaining the olden days feel, the coffeeshop is famous for its char koay teow as well as the herbal noodles.

Well fragrant with the herbal taste cooked bowl by bowl on the herbal chicken at the counter, the taste of the herbal soup is superb.The meat of the herbal chicken is just perfect where leaving the soft texture of the chicken meat itself which just melts in the mouth. The common herbs used include dāngguī, wolfberries, ginger and red dates. The taste is just perfect with the savory soup which comes with it.
Price: RM 5.50

We also had the koay teow soup where its soup is the duck based soup which brings more savory taste. Topped with the slices of duck meat as well as scrumptious of the deliciously fish balls with it. The koay teow which is being served is simply silky and it just slurps into our mouth.
Price: RM 4.50

Another favorites of us will be the Mee Suah Kor. The mee suah is being well cooked and it absolutely fulfilling to eat it along with varieties of ‘liews’ mixed together inside; meatball, oysters, prawns, crabmeat, fishmeat, lards and egg. The delights is simply one of the olden dishes which is famous among the Penangties and it is quite hard to find them now.
Price:RM 5.50

We ended with the Char Koay Teow. Well stir fried with the usual ingridients and plentiful of lards is just perfect for a char koay teow lovers like me. Then topped with huge prawns on top of it is just deliciously made and the char koay teow is filled with wok hei.
Price: RM 5.00

Ping Hooi Coffee Shop
Carnarvon Street
10300 Penang
GPS Coordinates : 5.414502, 100.334154


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