InterContinental Kuala Lumpur’s signature Chinese Restaurant Tao is honoring its commitment to sourcing the finest seasonal produce in the region to create a memorable and authentic dining experience with a menu celebrating one of China’s favorite autumnal delicacies – The Hairy Crab from October 7th till 31st. Offering guest with a true taste of the freshwater luxury, Tao has sourced the shellfish all the way from the banks of Yang Cheng Lake which is near Shanghai. The place where the most famous area of origin of the Chinese crustaceans which are considered to be the most prized ingredients of traditional Chinese Cuisine.


Tao’s Executive Chinese Chef- Chef Wong Lian You celebrating his ancestry with the seasonal menu ad he is proud to offers his guest with such a treasured dining experience. Chef Wong Lian You who had joined Tao back in January 2012 had the experience since 19 years old. Chef Wong, a chef who cooks with his hearts and is satisfied as long as the customers love its culinary had brings his food to life using vivid seasonal flaors and prefers to use ingridients that are rich in colour and aroma. Having the experience from different restaurant from the Hyatt Regency Saujana to Lai Poh Heen and more, Chef Wong finally ended in Tao at Intercontinental Hotel. Some of his many achievements includes the Top Five Chefs in Nest;e’s Recipe Cook Book, Gold Medal at the World Master Chef Championship in Jiangyin, China as well as the winner of the 4 Gold Medals at the Malaysian World Golden Chef.

Our meals started with the Hairy Crab Combination. The hairy crab combination is one of the perfect starter to start up your meal where the chilled hairy crab salad is being served with avocado. Added with the cream cheese blend together with the avocado as well as the green peanits with it. Chef Wong had added some seasoning which is the orange salsa in it to make the dish even more flavorful. Paired together with the delicious starters there goes the fried hairy crab and scallop almond with the spicy ginger sauce with it. The deep fried hairy crab meat is wrapped well and being deep fried till golden brown which creates the flavorful crunchy bites which is just a perfect match with the avocado.

Nothing beats the king of the night- the “Traditional” Steamed Hairy Crab. The medium sized hairy crabs is being steamed for 10 minutes and it is served together with the ginger and vinegar dressing. The hairy crab which is served is very fresh where the hairy crab is filled with the original sweetness of the crabmeat itself. Chef had blend the meal together to be served with his own ginger tea which is different from many places. Adding the tea with ginger is making it more mild and a blend of sweetness with it. It is believed to have the ginger tea after having the hairy crab as hairy crab has a “cooling” effect (yin) to the body.

Coming next is the Steamed Foie Gras Chawanmushi. The hairy crab meat and bisque is just well served together in it leaving us with the warm tummy sensations. The chawanmushi served hot with the silky texture of the egg itself, and you can spot the foir gras which is hiding within the steam egg. On top, it is served together with the deep fried crab leaving a crunchy texture too.

We go next to the Pooached Vermicelli with Garoupa. This is superbly fantastic with the fresh garoupa served with it. It is topped with the hairy crab roe sauce which is creamy and fragrant taste. The sauce which is well blend with the crab meat, crab roe, carrot and butter in blending the sauce is superbly delicious.

Ended our meals with the chilled lime with Lemongrass Jelly. The jelly is topped with the sour plum sorbet which gives us a blend of refreshing taste.

Business hours:
Lunch every Monday to Friday from 12.00noon to 2.30pm
Lunch every Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 11.00am to 2.30pm
Dinner daily from 6.30pm to 10.30pm


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