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Puchong had come out with a lot of new eateries and The Restaurant is one of our visit for this round. The Restaurant, a simple name itself had operated their business around 3 months. Formerly known as 9 Restaurant, the restaurant had revamp the whole place with the brand new concept and chef. The Restaurant brings up the concepts of promoting healthy food where their food which is served is without MSG.
– Picture from Chef’s Profile-

Chef Jeffery , who is the chef of the restaurant itself would love to bring the fine dining cuisine to customer with an affordable price. Chef Jeffery who himself which is at his early 30s who is experience on the Asian cuisine had shifted his carear to try out the Western delights. Chef Jeffrey is the Championship Chef in International Smart Chef Cooking Competition held in 2011. He has 8 years of experience in F&B industry.Chef Jeffery with a smile explains that the inspiration of Western Cuisine is from his beloved wife where his wife who loves travelling in overseas often send him pictures of food and there both of them shared the ideas, and here all the goodie foodies had turn out to be in their menu. Aside from western, Chef Jeffery had also plan to add more choices cuisine like Thai and Oriental to cater the tastebuds of the customer.

With the inspiration from the chef, we had tried out a few dishes which is prepared by the chef for our dining experience. The restaurant set a range of creative menu from sandwich, salad, burger, pasta, mains and more.

the restaurant

Started with the Chicken Cutlet Sandwich which is one of the best seller, it is pretty interesting to have the usual roti prata with the filled ingridients of sliced chicken with the fresh salad. The delicious twist of Indian-western style of food is pretty special to us. With the tender chicken meat and the roti prata is indeed worth to try for a late breakfast or light food lovers.
Price: RM 9.90

the restaurant

The Restaurant Braised Lamb Shank is one of the specialty too. The Australian Lamb Shank is being braised almost 3 hours with the chicken stock leaving the meat is soft and tender.Filled with the herbal taste from the brooth itself and the Hainanese influences, the braised lamb shank is good. The aromatic creamy gravywith the vegetable made a good pair with the lamb shank leaving us with a thumbs up.
Price: RM 35.00

the restaurant
Restaurant Hot Speciality is one of the pasta which i love too. Served al-dente, the pasta is just perfectly done with the chef’s homemade sauce where he used some fresh chili flakes, oregano herbs, garlic, onion and curry powder as well as fresh cream in it. The pasta brings us with the light spiciness and creamy textures which is good. Added with the bacon and ham, it makes the whole dish even more flavorful.
Price: RM13.90

the restaurant
Mozarella Chicken is another awesome dish from The Restaurant. Breaded and deep fried till golden brown, the chicken left with the crispiness texture outside and the hot juicy pipping meat is just superb. The creamy sauce with the combination of curry and mozrella cheese is just superb and the taste is simply flavorful.
Price: RM12.90

the restaurant
Bringing the influences all the way from Norway, the Baked Seafood Thermidor is filled with the assorted seafood goodies inside- combination of prawns, mussels and squids. The seafood are hiding beneath the bed of thick gravy which is made with fresh tomato sauce and tomato combining with the cheese on top. The portion is quite heavy even though it looks tiny. The soury tomato and the creamy mozzarella and parmesan cheese makes a good combination and complements well with the tomato cream.
Price: RM 19.90

the restaurant
There is also a wide range healthy juices available too such as Slimmy Smoothies of The Day and Pure Fresh Juice. Pick your choice and get healthy with the combination juices. What we had is the Forever Young, a blend of banana, kiwi, orange, strawberry and low fat yougurt.

The Restaurant,
No. 18-G, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong.
Contact no: 03-8052 5372
Business Hours: 9.00 am – 10.00 pm

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