Are you a big fans of Doraemon? D’Dream Café brings you more excitement with a large variety of Doraemon collections in the shop. D’Dream Café with the theme of Doraemon is just a heaven for fans of Doraemon to go in and enjoy the beautiful collection of the owner itself. Painted in blue, with the tatami style sitting is just a perfect for families and friends to enjoy.





The Doraemon themed cafe was run by Nicholas Lim, the owner of all the Doraemon collections displayed in the cafe! And being a fans of Doraemon, Nicholas had been collecting since he is 9, and it is collected from different places around the world. The collection is significantly lots where Nicholas had over 1200 Doraemon which is from his collection and the display in the shop is only parts of it.

We started our meals with the Minced Pork Rice is where the Taiwanese rice combination with the balanced of the lean meat and fat is well blend with the texture of the white rice. The texture is smooth and the taste is incredibly good and delicious to taste off. It is just a perfect blend of meat and the rice together and added on top is the Doraemon shaped Fish Cakes.
Price: RM 5.00

They do have the Brasied Beef Ramen where the soup served warm and it makes it good especially on cold rainy days. The texture of the ramen brings us with the juicy and tender texture. And as for the soup, it brings us with the sweet and light taste. It is pretty good and suits the Malaysian favorites.
Price: RM 9.00

Three cup Phonenix Ramen is a special dish which is available in D’Dream Café as well. Well braised chicken with the blend of the light spiciness and the herbs taste, it goes well with ramen as well as the rice too.
Price: RM 7.00

The Briased Pork Rice is one of my favorites where the 3 layered pork not too oily and the thick gravy which drenched on to the bed of rice makes the overall dish good.
Price: RM 7.50

Bouncy Golden Sweet Potato Balls is not really up to my expectation. Not bouncy enough, the potato fillings is not much inside too. But the crunchiness of it is there.
Price: RM 6.00

Xiao Long Tang Bao is nothing special to shout about. It is filled with the meat and served with the special sauce with it.
RM 8.00 (4 pcs)

Effective from 4 October 2013, D’Dream Café will only serve customers with reservation (STRICTLY BY RSVP) to ensure better food and service quality.
1) You may check from the photo album for menu to confirm your order.
2) You may call +60162190083 or PM me via FB to make your reservation.
3) Confirm the date, time & number of paxs.
4) 20% deposit needed once confirm.
5) Deposit will be forfeited for cancellation less than 3 days.
6) Payment can be made via online transfer or bank in to my Maybank account.

D’Dream Cafe 又多一梦
70A, first floor, Jalan SS2/60
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Monday-Friday 4pm-10pm, Saturday 11am-10pm, closed on Sunday


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    Only with reservation? Means we cant walk-in as an when we like? Aiks, that is a little inconvenient with a baby as most of our plans are impromptu..

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