The hot sunny day in Malaysia just could not be prevented. But, I love to have ice creams when come to the hot weather or even during the afternoon. Think no further than the brand new Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble which is the latest treat with the delightful crunchy cookies that simply melt inside your mouth. Bite into the creamy vanilla ice cream blended with the chocolate cookie crumble bits in a crispy wafer cone. It is topped with the generous portion of chocolate and chocolate chips which bring s the taste till the peak for chocolate lover like me.

The Mag-A –Cone Cookine Crumble is the ice cream for you that will sieze the day wih the awesome fun. It is available in vanilla and chocolate flavors and it is simply an irrestible treat. The Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble is available with 2 different flavors vanilla and chocolate and it is simply a irrestible treats.

The Mag –A- Cone Cookie Crumble retails at RM 2.20 per cone or a multipack of four cones with two Cookie Crumble and two Chocolate retailing at RM7.90 per pack. These products are available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and even at your nearest grocery outlets.


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