Urbano e Fresco, a heaven of Italian food. Simple deco with lots of cool little highlights, the restaurant brings us with the cozy environment with great food. When I stepped into the restaurant, we fall in love with the design of the shop itself which give us the lovely home feel restaurant. The food served in Urbano often prepared with fresh and best quality ingredients. Some even came all the way from Italy!

In here you can also buy Cassani San Giovanni Italian products such as spice blends, jam, honey, crostini spread, olive, olive spread and olive oil, flavoured oils, balsamic vinegars, pasta and many more.

Simone, the handsome soft spoken owner run us through the menu and he served us with the lovely Italian Cuisine. We started with the Caprese Salad where the dish served with the sliced fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, sliced sliced tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and basil. Each bites of the Caprese Salad was just heavenly with the fragrant buffalo cheese and the sweet fresh tomato with it.
Price: RM 32.90

Next is the Bruschetta which is where the toasted pannini bread was being topped with the extra vergin oil, garlic, fresh tomatoes, onions ans well as the fresh basil leaves. Well prepared and arranged, the tomatoes were extremely juicy and sweet had touched my heart after the first bite.
Price: RM 12.50

Some greenies is never been forgotten in the Italian Cuisine. Spinaci was the lovely salad we dine of. The baby spinach, feta cheese, cutted strawberries, with the almond flakes is being served to our palate. It is topped with the balsamic vinegar dressing which left with the soury zestiness in the greenies.
Price: RM 22.90

For pizza, we had Roma which is one of the signatures from Urbano too. The thin crispy base pizza topped with the Urbano e Fresco signature tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted steak strips, button mushroom, red onion and capsicum. The chewy taste from theof the steak taste is incredibly nice and delicious and each mouthful of the sliced pizza is just superb.
Price: RM 31.90 (9”) . RM 26.90 (12”) / RM43.90 (16”)

For Spaghetti Aglio Olio, they are just perfectly prepared. Al-Dente prepared using the high grade extra virgin olive oil, garlic, rocket salad and mushroom and Parmesen cheese. The dish is just superb with the great blend of the olive oil which is infused within.
Price: RM 21.90

Simone also recommended their signatures which is the Chiken Milanese which is prepared with a choice of chicken of chicken breaded to perfection. It is then being serve with the rocket salad, cherry tomato, as well as the shaved parmesan cheese with mushroom sauce and mustard. The chicken meat is simply tender and yet juicy which makes me yearning for more.
Price: RM 25.90

We try their Pesto Italian Spaghetti where you can find the fresh succulent juicy prawns swimming within with pesto, cherry tomato as well as parmezan cheese together. After the first slurps, I am yearning for more as it is just too good and delicious.
Price: RM26.90

We ends our meal with some desserts. The Tiramisu with its silky mascarpone, and the coffee on top is just fit for the king.
Price: RM 10.50

If you love to get some wine or beer after the drink, do pop to the next door which is just opened not long. Under the same management, you can enjoy your self after the heavy cozy meal in Urbano e Fresco before you hop for the night life, the new outlet under their umbrella.

Urbano e Fresco,
D2-G3-3A, Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika), Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1300-30-3333

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