Every year, a lot of new mooncakes flavors are coming up and not to forget, Casahana had come up with their new flavors of mooncake as well. Casahana had come up with a lot of special flavors of mooncakes which caters of the festival season rather than the normal flavors mooncakes.


Besides continuously raises the benchmark on both their exquisite taste offerings, Casahana also enhance on their unique gift packaging which attracts consumer to purchase them. This year mooncakes brings a different style and flavours where this year they focuses on the theme of flowers of the mooncake itself

Leading this season’s cast are `heroine’ mooncakes exotically named to match their flavours. `Scarlet Snow’ has a creamy white soft crust flecked with rose petals perfectly introduces the filling of pomegranate, white lotus and wild honey. A delicate balance of tanginess mixed into the creamy smoothness of this concoction whips up the imagination and eggs you on for more.
CASAHANA mooncake 2013

Try `Empress Magic’ for a surprising treat of apple, ginseng and Japanese yam. Pop a slice into your mouth and you will begin to relish the alchemy of these special flavours together and you will fill the surprising taste.

For a visual and taste drama, Casahana’s vivid `Violet Harmony’ is a must. Three unique flavours smoothly blended from taro, sweet potato and mung bean make this mooncake an unforgettable delight. Each ingredient yields its individual and distinctive taste to make the combination different and enjoyable.

Exquisite Autumn are temptations in classical moon cake shapes and flavours. Lyrical Autumn are mini moon cakes in the shade of Jade, Celestial Autumn in royal yellow and Blushing Autumn in rose pink are also available.

Besides all their special flavors, they have much more flavors to enjoy too where you can get the bites of their traditional mooncakes as well. Well, they also have the normal local favorites which includes the Lotus Seed flavors and more.

Available in major stores in KL, Penang, JB and Singapore at:
-Klang Valley: 1 Utama (New Wing), Leisure Mall, HYT Kiosk, Sg. Wang, IOI Puchong, The Mines, KL Festival City, Setia City Mall, Sunway Giza, Great Eastern.
-Other urban area: Ipoh Parade
-Northern: Sunway Carnival Mall
-Southern: Sutera Mall, City Square, KSL City
-Others: Jusco, The Store, Giant, Cold Storage, Aeon Big, Sunshine Square, Sunshine Farlim, Gama, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Village Grocer, Billion, Yawata, NSK, Jaya Grocer, Minat, TF Value Mart, Central Hypermarket OUG, UO Ocean Ipoh
For more information, visit www.hytfood.com, www.facebook.com/Casahana, email to [email protected] or call 03-78055339

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