In the year 2013, mooncake festival brings us more surprises in Prince Hotel  where  they welcome the mooncake festival  with a range of luscious mooncake of 10 choices which all the way from the traditional till the snow skin mooncake. Tai Zi Heen’s mooncakes were all handmade in house

traditional mooncake prince hotel

Tai Zi Heen has a selection of traditional-sized mooncakes which is at the bigger size and the mooncake are just so well made where the skin is just so thinky made with so much of the ingridients in it.
Here are the flavors which you can find in Tai Zi Heen where some of the mooncake have alcohol but they are perfectly pork free.
-baked five variety of nuts, rum & raisin (with alcohol)
-mini snow skin chocolate and whisky (with alcohol)
-baked white lotus paste and single egg yolk
-baked low-sugar white lotus paste with sunflower seeds
-baked pandan paste with melon seeds
-baked with red bean paste
-mini snow skinw ith red bean paste
-mini snow skin with pandan lotus paste and mung bean paste
-baked premium durian lotus paste
-mini snow skin with passion fruit cheese cake

traditional mooncake prince hotel

I just love the baked white lotus paste with the sunflower seeds which gave me a touch of the traditional taste which just melts and not too sweet. These were all executed beautifully with the smooth cut and everything is just heavenly delicious.
Snow skin mooncake/div>
As for the snowskin mooncake, I find the mini snow skin with passion fruit cheese cake is the most interesting flavours to try off. It is just well made with the sweet soury flavors combination, and it is just like having the mochi and the taste is fabulous. Even my little give a thumbs up for the mooncake at Tai Zi Heen too.

Mooncakes are available for sale till 19th September. Purchase them fro Tai Zi Heen or even the mooncakes stall at the lobby of the hotel.

Tai Zi Heen
Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur
4 Jalan Conlay,
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2170 8888

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