Indian cuisine is quite hard to find in Klang Valley and this time, we are being invited to O’las for a great dining adventures is O’las. The hidden gems of the authentic Southern Indian Cuisine which is well prepared by the chef which is all the way from India. It is such a great adventure for us too to try the Southern Indian Cuisine which is served in the hotel as well. The restaurant is self is using the chef all the way from Southern India to serve the food here.

Palak Paneer is originated from the Hindi and a combination of the Indian and Pakistani dish. The dish is is well cooked with spinach with the cottage cheese, spices and cream. In here, the dish is served with naan as well as rice too. It is quite a large portion of delights but the spinach is well cooked with the fragrant taste with it.
Price: RM 23.00

Being here, Tandoori Chicken is something not to be missed. The tender chicken meat is being marinated in spices and yogurt. It is then being baked in Tandoori oven. Well baked, the chicken meat is too oily and dry and it gives us a tender chicken meat flavors with the fragrance of the spices which is infused within it too.
Price: RM 27.00

For prawn lovers like me, I am completely falling in love with the Prawn Malabri. The prawn is well cooked with coconut, garlic as well as ginger. The fresh prawns infused with the curry is just made the king of the day for me where it is just so deliciously made.
Price: RM 38.00

The Mutton Madrasi is just heavenly. The mutton curry is well cooked with the gingerly zest and dried chilly. Every mouthful of the mutton is sinfully delicious and the meat is just tender and juicy as it should be. Being that, we enjoyed the bowl of the Mutton itself even though we are full.
Price: RM 32.00

They also have more filling meals to which is the Thalli Meal. The vegetarian Thaili meal is available for noon where the filling meals are eing accompanied with the vegetables, ralta, cucumber salad, prickles, naan, briyanic rice and desserts.Well complete with the ingridients the set is worth to order as well
Price: RM 23.00

Rasberry Lassi

72, Jalan Pahang, 53000 Kuala Lumpur


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