A beautiful garden café by the name of Ten28ight Boutique Cafe is just perfect to start of my weekends. The lovely café, with the garden green grass feel spread at the two corners had welcome me to the café. With different sofa and chairs with the simple wooden table is just making it a garden by the city. The place is perfectly a nice choice to spend your lazy afternoon there. The owner, June who love to cook and doing something she love tfor her retiry age ahd come out with the fresh and quality food with a reasonable price.

ten28 environment

In here, you can almost find a lot of choices of food here, besides the Western food, cakes, pasteries and they do have some Malaysian favorites which includes Char Koay Teow and more. What we are enjoying is the Tea Time Set which makes it to be a great moment for a last afternoon.

afternoon tea set 1

The afternoon tea available for a choice of 2 or 4 person and it is being presented beautifully in the beautiful English tea set where they had the combination of sweet and savoury delights in theirafternoon tea. With the price at RM 120 per set which accomadate for 4 person which is worthwhile for the quality of food provided.

afternoon tea set 1
The savoury pasteries comes with the selection of the curry puff, samosa and quiche. The taste brings a mild spiciness for each of them is well served with hot and fresh items. The curry puff which is being served gives a fresh and agood much. Samosa bring a more spicy version which just nice for me who is a spicy lover. The delights brings a nice taste which we totally fall in love with.

On the second tier, there you goes with the delicious macarons and parfaits Well made parfait added with the fresh berries and whipped cream just make the meals high tea even more perfect. The delicious thick and creamy delights is perfectly made by adding the chopped fresh berries and whipped cream. The light munching of the parfaits is perfectly done which just lovely and we are totally fall in love with it.

The top tier is being served with tarts and fruits tarts. The fruit tarts had attracted my little one with the smooth and creamy filling with the little sweet fruits like kiwi, mango and berries. For cheese tart, it is slightly soft version where my lil one just totally indulging them

TEN28 CAFE grace
-Look how my little girl indulging the tea set-

The Teatime set is served together with a choice of cake in the counter as well as a pot of flower tea, coffee or tea. For us, we choose to enjoy the Earl Tea together with the delicious Tiramisu Cake and the Mango Cheese Cake together.

passionfruit mango cheesecake
The Mango Cheese cake is really impressive. The mango cheese cake is being bedded with the biscuit crumbs and it is the topped with the fresh passion fruit. The cake is simply smooth with the heavenly taste.With the added passionfruit on the cake, it give a more appetizing taste and the sourish concoction.

Last but not least, will be the Tiramisu. Well made tiramisu which is infused with Kahlua.Superb!! With the handcrafted Tiramisu filled with the Kahlua in it, the tiramisu is just heavenly which I love the most.

Ten28ight Boutique Cafe
(Same row with True Fitness)
No. 10 G/F, Crystal Villa 2,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Jalan 22B/70A,
Kuala Lumpur 50480
Contact: 03-6201 2628, 03-6201 6828
Business Hours: 12.00 pm- 8.00 pm (Mon- Sat)


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