Being a travel-themed Lounge Cafe, The Journey provides a cozy, warm ambiance to make you feel like home regardless of where you travel. The restaurant which catch my hearts when I stepped my feet into it. Home feeling with cozy music brown theme is just what I love about it. The inspiration from Kelvin and his behalf, who loves travelling had bring this idea up of setting up the café. The humble softspoken , Mr Kelvin says “Essentially, I have brought back what I seen around the world back into this café.” The café had just open the doors last 2 months and being that, they had attracted a numbers of crowds as well.

The Mushroom Soup which is being served to us is concentrated and the flavors are perfectly good. The mushroom soup is individually cooked to ensure a better quality of delights and it is added with pepper bringing up the fragrant. The mushroom soup is one my favorites as I love the thick taste of the mushroomy taste.
Price: RM RM 7.90

Tasty Minestrone Soup is just perfectly prepared with the fresh tomato and puree. Alike the mushroom soup, it is also individually cooked as well. The soup served thick and the taste is just perfect as it is.
Price: RM 7.90

The Cheese Nachos which is being served to us is just appetizing. The crunchy bites of Nachos served with the homemade sour cream yogurt and salsa is pretty good. It taste even better when the nachos is being topped with the cheesy taste. Kudos and I am completing falling in love with it.
Price: RM 6.90

Fried Button Mushroom looks simple but the taste here is palatable. The fresh button mushroom filled with juiciness woth it is well battered and deep fried. It is just fresh as it and when you grab a bite of the mushroom, the ooziness from the juice in the mushroom is just melts in the mouth.
Price: RM 12.90

Grilled Chicken Salad is indeed a healthy feast. The grilled chicken is being dish up on a bed of greenies with the light mayo dressing. The chicken is rosemary natural grilled and the tenderness and juiciness of the chicken meat remains delicious as it is.
Price: RM 13.90

We do try their Greek Salad. The lovely greenies are just fresh as it is and it is being furnished with the honey mustard and balsamic vinegar. It is just well prepared with the touch of zesty flavors in it.
Price: RM 10.90

Next, Kelvin served us with their breakfast set which is the Scandinavian’s Delight. Taking the idea all the way from Europe, the delights is just heavenly. Served with two eggs Benedict layed on top of the fresh Norwegian fresh salmon.The shrimp eggs on the top on the egg added a nice touch to complete this all day breakfast meal.The delights brings us a great breakfast with just a poked where one little poke of it, you can get the creamy yellowing egg yolk running down from your plate. Just lovely.
Price: RM 19.90

European Continental’s is one of my favorites which it is being served with the Laugenbroetchen roll, two-eggs-your-ways, beef bacons, chicken sausages, baked beans and sauteed mushrooms. Deliciously made with the cutted mushroom which is being infused with the light black pepper sauce as well as the scramble egg with it is just perfect for a breakfast in any days.
Price: RM 17.90

Swiss’s Salmon Omelette is another All Day Breakfast Menu which is one of the signatures here. The salmon omelette which is served with it just perfectly done and taste satisfying for a breakfast meal with the flakes of salmon meat within the egg. It is furnished with the toasted baguette, chicken sausages, grilled tomatoes and sauteed mushroom
Price: RM18.90

Aglio Olio with Prawns is just perfectly my favorites. Al-dente made and topped with the fresh prawns with it, it is just a homely meal to try off.
Price: RM 16.90

Softshell Crab Spaghetti is one of our favorites too. the Al-dente made spaghetti which is served with the light spiciness from the chili butter sauce is just perfect for people who love spiciness in it. It is then being topped with the deep fried softshell crab which makes is even better where the softshell crab is just crispy as it is.
Price: RM 18.90

Salmon Spaghetti is what we had too where it served with the white cream paste.Added with some parsley and coated with the lemony cream sauce, it is just a lovely meal to have. The creaminess of the delights is just as good as it is and we are just falling in love with it.
Price: RM 15.90

Beef Tenderloin Steak Grill is just perfectly grilled with the juicy and tender meat which just melts in the mouth. The steak is being added with the garlic sauce which makes the dish even better and delicious. Each of every bites of the steak is just perfect and melts in the mouth.
price: RM 35.90

The simple preparation of the Teriyaki Chicken Thigh is just perfectly marinated with the Teriyaki sauce and then it is being grilled. Juiciness of the meat with the tender texture of the chicken meat is just good as it is. The delights is being served with their special teriyaki sauce which is more to the thick and creamy taste. The taste is just perfect and special where it is not alike the usual sauce we had in other restaurant.
Price: RM 18.90

Not only that, the variety from The Journey covers up to cakes as well. The Cheese Cake which is being served is just perfectly done with the richness of the cheese itself and it is also their best seller too.
Price: RM 8.90

We ended our meals of course with some sweet delights. The Brownies with French Vanilla Gelato. The well prepared brownies which is topped with the vanilla gelato and drizzled with the thick chocolate sauce is just superb. It is topped with the Gelatamio ice cream on top which makes the overall brownies heavenly
Price: RM 13.90

Mango & Passionfruit with Mango Ice-cream Smoothies is one of the new item in The Journey menu. The chilled mango and passionfruits is bringing the refreshing taste and with the add of the Premium mango ice cream from Gelatomio, it made the drinks even better.
Price: RM8.90

Iced Chocolate is a blend of the both chocolate sauce with the chocolate powder. The blend of the drinks gave a great mix of a well made chocolate drink and it is topped with the creams and grinded nuts on top.
Price: RM 7.50

Not only that, The Journey café do hired a barista to prepared coffees too. I just fall in love with the coffee arts which is just beautiful. They are using coffee all he way from Five Senses from Australia to cater for coffee lovers too.
Price: RM 7.90-RM 8.50

The Journey
B-03-G,  SetiaWalk Puchong
Persiaran Wawasan
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47160 Puchong
Operating Hours:  11am-11pm (Tues to Friday), and 10.30am-11pm (Saturday to Sunday).
Closed on Mondays
Contacts: 013-335 4983 /0358791033
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejourneycafe.my


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