It is usually packed even for lunch and finally I had made my booking for a dinner there with friends. And here I am at The Coliseum Cafe and Grill Room.

The Coliseum Cafe and Grill Room is established back in 1921 and it is one of the oldest in the country and is a walk down memory a lane for KL in the early 1920s. The old furniture and decorative momorablia creates a wonderful nostalgia feeling and it is well preserved from when it was. The cafe was first opened in 1020s and at that time, the Coliseum was the finest cafe and grill room in Malaya. Being at its popularity, they open their second branch in Plaza 33 Petaling Jaya. The shop is easily found where it is just next to Jaya 33 and the parking charges is at RM 3.00/ hour (8-6 pm) and after 6 pm it will be at flatrate RM3.00/ enterance. It is pretty packed daily even on lunch as well as dinner.

Upon entering, the shop brings a clean appearance white laid cloth with it. We are served with their menu and the menu looks simple sweet and there is nothing fancy about it. We ordered some of their signature to try off in their menu.

We ordered some of the signatures. Here comes their Hainanese Chicken Chop. Battered and deep fried till golden brown. It is then being topped with the Hainanese Sauce on top and served together with the bed of potato chips together with it. It is not as nice as I expected where the chips are pretty soft and cold. The gravy is also watery too which is a slight disappointment. Portion is simply a small one too.
Price: RM 23.80

We did order its another signature which is the chicken cordan bleu where the chicken breast are being stuffed with turkey ham and cheddar cheese fried with bread crumbs. It is then being served with French fries and fresh vegetables. The cordan bleu is slightly dry and portion is quite a small one as well.
Price: 28.90

Baked Crabmeat is one of their house speciality which is where the crab meat is being baked till perfectionist and it is then being served with the salad together with it.
Price: RM 20.90

Fish Concalaise is another speciality from Coliseum Cafe and Grill Room too. It is being served with mashed potato, prawns and mushroom in cream sauce.
Price: RM 26.90

I had the Hainanese Coffee which is being served hot together with a little cup of the fresh milk and sugar. The coffee is not like the usual “kao kao” type of coffee but the taste of coffee is still inside where it gives a mild taste of a fragrant coffee.
Price: RM 3.20

The Coliseum Cafe and Grill Room
[email protected] 33,
1 Jalan Kemajuan, Section 33, PJ
Tel: 03 7932 3228


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