Next we visited the Bao-An temple which is a few steps walk from the Confucious Temple. The temple is simply packed during our visit there even though it is raining cats and dogs on that day.

-The place where prayers are made-

Bao-an Temple which is consider to be one of the most beautiful temple in Taipei. the temple was established back in 1742 and the building itself had received honorable at the UNESCO Asia – Pacific Heritage Award back in 2003. This temple features the usual dragon pillars, and also a pair of stone lion that are not so usual. Normally, of the two lions (one male, one female) that guard a temple, the male has an open mouth and the female a closed mouth; here, however, both have open mouths. It is said that they are not lions at all but a “humane beast” and a “law beast,” stationed there as an appeal to respect the law and carry out good government.

– Inside The Temple-
– The beautiful Architecture-

How to go

Take the THSR or train to Taipei Station, transfer Taipei MRT to Yuanshan Station.

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