When I heard there is Hainanese Chicken Rice in Kepong, I was pretty happy to hear about that  perhaps will be another place for our family meals. The new chicken rice outlet had settled down in Kepong around half a year ago located just beside AEON Kepong, the same row as the KFC and Pizza Hut. Clean restaurant with the CCTV recordings from numerous angles of the shop was something I spotted when I entered the shop itself.The shop offered an extensive range of food which include the Curry Noodles, Chicken Rice, Siew Yok and even more.

For chicken lovers, you can try their Roasted Chicken Rice which was perfectly done with the fragrant oily rice and the chicken was well cooked with the tender meat. Served together with the soy sauce as well as a bowl of soup and the spicy chilly sauce with the grinded garlic together with it.The chicken rice was perfectly something which worth to try off at the outlet itself.
Price: RM 5.50

Besides the Roasted Chicken, the steam chicken was good too.The succulent juicy meat with the silky skin is perfectly delicious and suited my tastebuds. It is much recommended too which I love the tender juicy meat as well as the chilly which was served together with it.

Roasted pork was another signatures in Hainan Lien Yee too. Crispy texture of the outer skin and the fat meat at the inner of the pork is not really my favorite. The pork is slightly too fat at some parts and perhaps if they have not too fat pork, it would be my favorite though. According to their owner, The Roasted Pork which is being served does not contain any preservative items in it as well.
Price: Regular RM 8.00 / Large RM 16.00

Besides the Roasted Pork and the Chicken Rice, customer can opt for more choices of the delicious item includes the char siew. Hainan Lien Yee Chicken Rice’s version were more too a slightly sweeter version and the meat was perfectly well bbq and flavorful too.
Price: Regular RM 8.00 / Large RM 16.00

Their Signature Meat Ball was good too. Bouncy texture meatball with the springy texture was what I loved about the meatball itself.
Price: Large RM 6.00 / Regular RM 3.00

Not only Meat Ball, Hainan Lien Yee do offer the springy and bouncy texture fishballs too. You may grab a bowl to try them off too.
Price: Large RM 3.00 / Regular RM1.50

Besides Chicken Rice and Roasted items, Hainan Lien Yee Chicken Rice have more to offer as well. Customer can opt to try their curry noodles which was perfectly delicious and savory with the with char siew, cockles, tau foo pok, fish cakes and long beans. The brooth was perfectly done and by adding the sambal together, it was just perfect and complete with the zest of spiciness in it.

Price: RM 6.50

Nyonya Laksa Noodle was another item which can be found here too. The coconut gravy base of the nyonya laksa was served together with slices of steam chicken meat, fish balls, boiled egg and also fish cakes in it. The soup taste was slightly mild compare to their curry noodles.

The Braised Pork was something worth to try, the braised port brings the savoury flavour and it was nicely cooked with the three layer pork with it. It was being served together with the tofu and egg together as well.
Price: RM 10.00

Smoked Duck in Hainan Lien Yee Chicken surprised me too. Served in two variants- the original and black pepper, the meat was perfectly done. The meat was just so tender and juicy with the smoky taste was just perfect. It’s taste was just so good and for me I love the original taste of it. It would be nice was being served together with the cranberry sauce.
Price: RM 10.00

For those who prefer something plain and lighter, the Signature Chicken Porridge was worth to try off. Stuffed with zhu yau char beneath the porridge, it makes the porridge for flavorful as well.
Price: RM 8.50

Stewed Chicken Feet was also available here. Since I am not a favour to chicken feet, I did not try them but according to some bloggers they found that the flavours does not infused into the chicken feet itself.
Price:RM 8.00

Stewed Chicken At here, they also served the TeoChew porridge which was mainly served in the evening. They started the porridge business from 6.00 p.m. to 4 a.m. The Teochew porridge here is being served with a large variety of side dishes too where customer can pick and choose on their preferable dishes with it.

Chicken Hainan Lien Yee also offers a signature drink called Zhen Zhen Shui (literally means shivering water) to try. Soury taste of the drinks is something worth to try which wakes me up during the hot afternoon day.
Price: RM 3.00 each

Hainan Lien Yee Chicken Rice (海南联谊鸡饭店)
B-34 Ground Floor, Jalan Prima Vista Magna Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: Mon – Sun (10:00 a.m. – 04:00 a.m.)
Hainanese Chicken Rice serve from 10:00 a.m. to 10.0 p.m.
Teochew Porridge serve from 6:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
Tel: 03-6250 2005
Email: [email protected]


  1. Anonymous says

    I think its high time you pay a visit to this joint…

    rice is super dry without the usual nice rice fragrance. chicken is undercooked, acar taste like sourish pickles! fishball is not fresh.

    this is the only time that i will be patronising this outlet. even a normal chinese kopitiam chicken rice stall taste way better than them.

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