Crazy hot weather now calls for cold solutions.And this time, we are going to check out something special here. The ice creams which is served with liquid nitrogen. Ooh My Gas in Pavilion KL is something to look for where you can have your ice cream freshly made in just a minute.

Ooh My Gas offers an impressive degree of minus-210-degree customization. The ordering procedure might seem complicated initially: Patrons first need to choose a base, either ice cream, gelato or soy milk. And next, choose the flavor you love to have where you can choose a large variety of flavors from chocolate, java chips,mango and more.Then add the toppings like oreos, marshmellows on top with your preferance. If you still can’t make up your mind, they are some creation which are the best seller to choose from as well.

When it is being done, everyone was “WAH” and impressively taking shots of the process of the nitrogen ice cream itself. The process of the whole making is just taking around 1 minute and you can get the freshly made ice creams on your eyes.

We had taste the variety of ice creams which is being served to us. One of the best sellers, Strawberry Cheese cake is worthwhile to be ordered. Slight soury with the sweet ice cream base is just perfect and it would be a something to complete try off there. Besides the Strawberry Cheesecake, they do have Apple Strudels in their list too.

OMG! Cool Picks wich are soon to be launch includes the Rocky Road. With the base of Galeto, the double creamy thick chocolate ice cream will be served with the Pecan Nut and MarshMellow. The pick of the galeto is bringing me a flavor of light bitterness and chocolaty which is where it is produce with the double chocolate flavor. Adding in some pecan nuts and marshmellow makes it special too where you can grab the taste of combination bitter-sweet feel. Perfect choice for chocolate lover.

Creamy base Galeto – The Bananarama is just something worth to try of for banana lover. Alike having chocolate banana milkshake, it is just the same and added with the Pecan & Almond Slice which give a blend of creamier base. With the pecan and almond slice added into it, it would be just perfect.

Some soury tantalizing delights would love their Rise N Shine where the ice cream are more creamy and they are more too the flavourful side with the combination of mango and orange added with a splash of mango sauce with it

Pineapple Tart which is being serves is also something special to try of where the ice cream alike pineapple with the crunchy pie crust combination is perfectly good and delicious.

Overall, the experience trying the lovely icecream is cool but the ice cream melts very fast compared to the normal ice cream. So, have it fast so you can enjoy the perfectly cooling sensation of the ice cream. OOH MY GAS! is selling their ice cream in two sizes of either Cutie Cup (RM 12.90) or Sexy Size (RM 19.90).

Ooh My Gas OMG Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream,
Level 1, Pavilion Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.


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