Northam Food Court is one of the famous food court and it is worth to visit when you are in Penang. The hawker delights here is something not to be missed in the island itself and the foodcourt does have a large selection of food to venture for. The food court is pretty clean and you may enjoy the view of the Gurney Seaside while enjoying your meals there too.

One of our orders for the night is the satay. The satay is more meaty side and it is well BBQ-ed. The meat is just well done with the tender chuncks of meat at the skewer. It is just lovely and it is being served with the choices of muttons besides chicken.
Price: RM 9.00

The asam laksa here is good too where it is being served with the thick gravy as well as scrumptious ingredients with it. Filled with so fish, shredded cucumber,and also onions with it. It is just well done and I am totally falling in love with it so much
Price: RM 3.80

One of the famous item in Northam Café is also their popiah. The popiah is well wrapped with the popiah skin. In the inside, it Is being stuffed with the scrumptious ingredients which is where it is filled with the mengkuang, shredded carrots and more. The popiah is simply well made and crunchy.
Price: RM 3.80

Well, they do have porridge too. The fish porridge we had is also good which is served with the fresh slices of fish meat. The delicious item is amazingly well made and I just love the smooth texture of the porridge itself.
Price: RM 6.50

Location: 58, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Pulau Pinang, 10050 George Town.
Phone: 04-229 0362


  1. yeayink says

    Hi, may i know the Satay and mee udang in northam beach cafe are halal? the business is run by malay or? thanks for sharing :)

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