After our trip to the beautiful Taipei Zoo, we then headed to the sweet little shop which all girls love- The Hello Kitty Sweets. The shop is by the theme of Hello Kitty is indeed capturing many young girls heart and mine too but I supposed I am not too old to be the little Kitty fans. The place is packed with people and before we dine, there are some regulation to go about:

1. Minimum purchase is NTD 350/pax

2. Minimum of 2 pax

3. You may only stay there for 2 hour max

We had our dine there and enjoying the beautiful theme of Hello Kitty. The whole shop is designed with the Hello Kitty chairs, table, and even the wash-room too. The place is indeed well decorated but I am not to pleased with the sitting place as it is indeed to near to each other and there is not much privacy in conversation. As for my visit there, the pair of girls have been talking non-stop during the whole meal and it is indeed annoying too and we can clearly hear the whole conversation as the sitting is less than 30 cm to each other.

– The Sweet Stuff-
– The Environment-
– The Lovely Pinky View-
– The Hello Kitty Counter-

We ordered the set meal and a pastries to share. The set meals comes with a soup, a bun as well as a main course and a dessert with a drink. The meal had cost us NTD 550 which is also quite expensive with the portion but we are paying them for the HELLO KITTY.

Here we go

– The appetizing soup & salad-
The delighting appetizing bun to be served together in the menu

– The Bun & The Drinks-
and some special appetizers too
– The Spaghetti Meals served with Hello Kitty Plates-

and here comes the Salmon Spaghetti Meal. The dish is not really special and it could not be compared but it is well placed and designed.

We ended the set with the delighting pudding which is shaped with HELLO KITTY too.

Besides, I had made an ordered for the Green tea Custard where the custard is served with the little HELLO KITTY and then it is then being dusted with the Green Tea powder with the HELLO KITTY shaped with it.

Last but not least, I had the Hello Kitty Coffee too with the pinky face of the Kitty itself

Overall the meal is quite good.

It is indeed a great experience with the HELLO Kitty Sweets Restaurant in Taipei for this round.


Hello Kitty Sweets

No. 90, Da An Road, Sec. 1

(near intersection of Da An Road and Zhong Xiao E Road, Sec 4)

MRT: Zhong Xiao/FuXing

(02) 2711-1132

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