– The vogue luxury baggage design for this year mooncake festival-

InterContinental Hotel KL is honoring the traditional Chinese Mid Autumn Festival of Lunar worship and moon gazing with the launch of an exclusive, opulently presented collection of the season’s indispensable delicacy, mooncake. The definitive festival gift, the InterContinental Mooncake Collection is delivered in sleek iconic boxes reminiscent of the most on –vogue luxury baggage designs and contains a selection of the five variants, perfectly formed using individual hardwood moulds imported from the master craftsmen if Hong Kong.

– The chef-

– The chef & the team of Intercontinental Hotel-

The mooncakes themselves are made in house by InterContinental KL’s Chef Wong, honoring his ancestors by using authentic ancient recipes that will send tastebuds soaring ecstatically to the heavens like the lunar goodness Chang’ er. In here, we get to taste a variant of both the snow-skin mooncake as well as the traditional mooncakes.

– The ingridients on mooncake-

Aside from sampling the lovely mooncakes, we are also being teach how to make mooncakes and chef’s also shared with us some of the ingridients too.

– The beautiful well made SnowSkin Mooncake-

– The choices of snow skin mooncake-

The choices of mooncake available in their mooncakes selection of the traditional mooncake as well as the snow skin mooncake. The snow skin mooncakes comes in 7 choices which includes
– Mini White Chocolate Snow Skin with Dark Chocolate Paste and Rice Crunch : RM 19.00
– Mini Duo Roseberry Snow Skin with Spirulina Paste and Gummy Jelly: RM 17.00
– Mini Peanut Butter Snow Skin with Dark Chocolate Paste and Mixed Nut: RM 17.00
– Mini Tiramisu Paste with Dried Mix fruits and Raisins : RM 17.00
– Mini Green Tea Paste with Single Egg Yolk: RM 17.00
– Mini Durian Meat with Oats : RM 20.00
– Mini Almond Milk Cream with Bird’s Nest : RM 33.00

As for me, I falling in love with their Mini Duo Roseberry Snow Skin with Spirulina Paste and Gummy Jelly which is very refreshing and having the little chewy gummy taste. Aside, The Mini Durian Meat with Oats brings me with the thick durian fragrance which is simply irrestible which I love to grab more on it.

If you prefer the traditional baked style, they have a choice of 6 mooncakes to choose for
– White Lotus with Single Egg Yolk: RM 22.00
– White Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk: RM 25.00
– Pure White Lotus Paste with Nuts: RM 22.00
– Pure White Lotus with Nuts: RM 22.00
– Pandan Paste with Egg Custard and Walnuts: RM 25.00
– Bamboo Charcoal Paste with Pumpkin Seeds: RM 21.00
– Assorted Nuts Paste with Chicken Ham: RM 21.00

As for the traditional mooncake, it is just good and I am falling in love with the basic mooncake which is the White Lotus with Single Egg Yolk where the mooncake does not bring too much of sweetness in it. Taste is just good at it is and lovely.

They do have the 7 stars premium mooncake selection as well which is at RM 288.00 per box

*All prices are subjected to 10% service charge and 6% government tax

165, Jalan Ampang,50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 1111
Fax: 03-2161 1122


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