After our bumpy rides on the boat, we finally reach the Danshui Old Street (淡水老街).The place is indeed packed with people.

Danshui Old Street (淡水老街) is one of the famous streets in Taiwan. Danshui Old Street is located in New Taipei City (Taipei County). A 5 minute walk from Danshui MRT station can surely fulfill your desire with its surrounded beautiful coffee shops and restaurants located next to the riverbanks. Besides, a variety of Taiwanese snacks and traditional dishes will surely arouse your appetite.

And now is time to EAT and savor for food. What we had there?

Iron eggs (铁蛋) are eggs which have been stewed in a mix of herbs and spices until pickled in dark brown color. It is similar with the century egg but is harder. The taste with a slight herbs with it. The eggs can be found in mini size and a big one. The egg is indeed very round like a ping pong ball. You may find them at anywhere round the town. One of the famous iron egg in the town is A-Po (阿婆) iron egg.


Small: 5 for NTD 30

Big: 3 for NTD 30

Next we had the fishballs which is purchased on the way. The fishballs is add with sweet sauce and the fishball is indeed bouncy as well. The fishballs are great and worth to try.

Price: NTD 10

While venturing for food, we also spotted a temple nearby.The Fuyou temple (福佑宫), built in 1796, is indeed an old temple. We did not went in to the temple and we just venturing along the way.

– The Shop-

On the way, we went entred a coffee shop which is by the name of 83 coffee is indeed a nice coffee to try. The coffee is well blend and the taste is pretty bitter as well. The coffee is also full of the aroma coffee. I ordered their famous inhouse coffee to try.

Price: NTD 35

And along the streets you can find lots of things to but and see. There are a large selections of bags, softtoys and also gifts.

and I spotted my favorite- Rilakkuma

And here we go, we also tried the tall ice cream which is not really nice but we are just fancy to have the tall ice cream only. So, we bought one to share as well. This is just the small one ONLY not the biggest one though.So, we are wondering how tall would it be for the biggest size of the ice cream.

Price: NTD 15 (small)/ NTD 25 (big)

– The Stall-


– The Fried Durian Cake-

I also tried the fried durian which is indeed a disappointment to me. There is not much fragrant on the durian smell as well.

Price: NTD 40 (1 pc)/ NTD 100 (3 pcs)

Here we end our FOOD trip in Danshui Old Street (淡水老街) and we headed to Beitou


THSR Taipei Station (or TRA Taipei Station) → Taipei MRT Danshui Station.

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